• Welcome to Kindergarten... Room 137! 



    Our Room: Room 137 is home to 22 students, who are eager, energized and engaged everyday of the school year!

    My students are supported by many special personnel, starting with the classroom mascot:

    Clifford, the Big Red Dog! 

    Paws-itive Vibes!

    He teaches us how to...

    ... be a STAR (Show Kindness,Take Responsibility,Act Safely & Respect Everyone!) and

     ... how to show resilience: Get Grit, Don't Quit! 

    Celebrating his 59th birthday this year, Clifford still, after all these years, educates and entertains children of all ages. (Not to mention "Clifford the Big, Red Dog" just happens to be the nickname of Happy Valley's own PSU quarterback,

    Sean Clifford...)

    Go State! 

    The instructional team would not be complete without our paraprofessional, Andrea Harman.  Mrs Harman has been an integral part of our classroom community since Fall of 2017. She supports instruction, as well as lunch/recess breaks. In addition to her warm personality, Andrea brings some crazy artistic talents to the classroom.
    This Fall, our team also includes a Penn State Elementary Education student teacher, Erin Triandafils, a former Nittany Lion Women's Lacrosse Player (yay Erin!). In spring 2022, "Miss T", as we lovingly called her, began her practicum experience in our room as a 2x/week pre-student teacher - learning classroom and school procedures, as well as developing relationships within the school community. She has a positive spirit that supports our responsive, learning environment. We are excited to have Erin returning for the Fall semester in a full-time capacity.
    Finally, students in Room 137 receive additional support from building interventionists, Michele Allen & Chad Rockey; School Occupational Therapist, Wendy Young; School Speech/Language Interventionist, Patty Guay; School Counselor, Heather Baney, School Psych, Dr Megan Hutchinson and a retired teacher volunteers (they just can't stay away!).   



     Paws-itive Vibes!












Last Modified on August 17, 2022