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    High School Natatorium


    Our Natatorium was constructed in 1989 and has been in full use since January 25, 1990 with an average of 300 students, staff and community members each day.  The pool is a venue for a variety of curricular activities, intramural programs, athletic events, fitness opportunities and community programming. 

    Some examples of activities that are offered at the Natatorium are:  Physical Education classes for grades 9 thru 12, Adapted Aquatics programs, Swimming and Diving teams, Faculty, Staff and Student lap swim, public swimming lessons conducted by Centre Region Parks and Recreation, Aquatic Certification classes (Lifeguard Training), Aquatic cross-training for sports teams and various other school group programs.

    The pool itself is 25 yards long by 15 yards wide.  The minimum depth is 3'6" and the maximum depth is 12'6".  The pool is equipped with a large bleacher area for spectators and two locker rooms.  Each locker room consists of 40 lockers and 10 showers.  Hair dryers are provided in both locker rooms.  Personal hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc. are not permitted for use in our locker rooms due to an electrocution hazard.
    shallow end
    The pool water temperature is kept at an average of 84 degrees when our Swimming and Diving Teams are not in session.  During the swimming and diving season, the pool water temperature is kept at an average of 81-82 degrees to accommodate the swimmers' heavy exercise regime.  Exercising vigorously in very warm water could result in heat-related emergencies, just as exercising heavily outside on a hot day could do the same.

    We require that all swimmers shower before entering into the pool water.  Showering helps tremendously to keep the pool water clean by rinsing off any dirt, make up, sweat and soaps that may be remaining on the body or within the bathing suit.  Having these elements come into contact with the pool water will result in a by-product that is often mistaken as a chlorine smell and can be an eye irritant.  Therefore, it is imperative that all patrons shower thoroughly to assist to maintain cleanliness and comfort of all Natatorium patrons.
Last Modified on August 13, 2018