“Encouraging a child means that one or more of the following critical life messages are coming through, either by word or by action: I believe in you, I trust you, I know you can handle this, You are listened to, You are cared for, You are very important to me.”
    ~ Barbara Coloroso ~ 
    Hello! My name is Cathy Miller, and I have had the pleasure of teaching children in SCASD since 1991. I started out in the district teaching first grade, moved to teaching intermediate grades for the bulk of my career, and then assumed the role of instructional support teacher, grades K-5, at the former Boalsburg/ Panorama Village Elementary School for several years. I was PAWSitively excited to join the Corl Street team as the instructional support teacher in 2015.
    I enjoy wearing multiple hats here at Corl Street. My favorite hat, the teacher hat, includes teaching grade 5 math this year to provide for smaller class sizes-- I'm so happy to have some of my fourth grade math students from last year again in class! In addition to teaching the regular math curriculum, I will also provide math intervention and support in other subject areas to qualifying students across grade levels. Hat number two is coordinator of our support team meetings, in which collaboration between school and family helps to maximize success for all of our learners. I share a third hat with Dr. Mark-- co-coach of our School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) teamThis team's efforts strengthen our school community for both students and adults alike.
    Thank you for sharing your children with me this year. Whether greeting their 'smiling eyes' during arrival at school, working with them academically, or sharing a PAWS ticket when I see them Practicing kindness, Acting responsibly, Working hard, or Showing respect, I so enjoy all of my daily interactions with the students at Corl Street! 
Last Modified on October 1, 2021