• Welcome to Radio Park's Physical Education Program. My name is Mr. Paul Wright. I am the physical education teacher, yes, the one walking up and down the halls with the bag of sports equipment over my shoulder. Greetings to my veteran students, and their families at Radio Park Elementary. A special greeting to all new students. We are ready to begin a new year. I find this tremendously exciting and I hope you experience this same excitement. I trust that you met all your goals for the summer vacation. Speaking of goals, one of my personal goals is the same each year. I will be a more successful teacher this year than any previous year. I will make this year the best year ever. I state this to all my classes during our first class meeting. Our first class also includes orientation where we discuss our expectations for each other and class procedures that are important such as safety. At this time I challenge the class, and on an individual basis , each student, to have the best year ever. I embrace the responsibility for meeting this goal while your son or daughter is at school. While at home you could frequently ask them the question, “Are you having the best year ever?”. Once you start that communication you are increasing the chances that we will have the best year ever. Anytime you see me at school feel free to ask the question, “ Are you having the best year ever?”. We will go from there.

Last Modified on June 22, 2010