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    Here at Radio Park, every student actively participates in garden activities throughout the year. The children start in early Spring by planting seeds in their classrooms and caring for seedlings under the grow-lights near our front lobby. Each grade starts a different crop, and in late Spring they move their young plants to the garden’s raised beds. At that time, they get to taste some of the early spring greens ready for harvest right in the garden! Our students were so successful this year with growing plants that besides offering plants for sale at Friendship Night, nearly 200 plants were given to a local group to raise vegetables for local food banks! Good growing Radio Park!

    The garden offers many opportunities for teachers to enhance the curriculum. There are many lessons that meet Common Core standards that can be taught in the garden too. Students are able to practice composting using leftovers from lunch, study and sketch various types of insects and flowers, and plant a Three Sisters garden like Colonial settlers would have done. The children also get to taste fresh edible flowers and vegetables in the garden. At the Radio Park Garden we use no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, so the children can safely sample plants right in the garden.

    Through a generous grant from Lowes Toolbox for Education and great support from the Radio Park PTO, we have been able to significantly upgrade the garden. A new fence provides better protection from animals and more vertical growing space. Additional raised beds provide more room for crops. Stone block edging makes the grass easier to mow and reduce weeding. Thanks also to Nature's Cover of Bellefonte who gave us a discount on our bulk materials, such as compost and stone. We also moved two picnic tables into the garden for classes to use. If you come to visit, step carefully- water lines may be connected to the raised beds and may trip you if you're not watching!

    Interested in learning more or getting involved with the garden? We are always looking for volunteers. No previous gardening experience is necessary - you will learn from seasoned gardeners, who are always learning too! Please contact any of the garden coordinators listed below, and they'll help you out.

    Our garden coordinators:

    Lisa Broniszewski (lisabski@comcast.net)
    Jeanne and Chip Clark (cjagclark@comcast.net) 
    Deb Nungesser (jaynun@comcast.net)


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Last Modified on February 22, 2014