Fall, 2020

    My name is Karen Foard, and 2020-21 will be my 17th year as the Instructional Support Teacher at Radio Park. My husband Steve and I watched all four of our children become Radio Park graduates, and State High School graduates as well.  Now that they are all college graduates, I can see the continuum of education pretty clearly, and know that these elementary days are essential building blocks towards our children's futures.  I know that the community of Radio Park families and faculty is a very special one and I am glad to be a member of the school community here! 

    I am a 1979 graduate of Bucknell University with a degree in Elementary Education, stayed home for 20 years of parenting my great kids, and rejoined the workforce after many years of wearing a variety of community based and volunteering hats. I am certified as a Middle School Math Teacher and I finished my Master's from Penn State in Teacher Leadership in December, 2013. I completed the coursework and sat the exam for becoming certified as a Principal- we'll see if that is ever something I will have the opportunity to use! I am continuing to take classes to expand my own knowledge base and grow as an educator. We never stop learning!

    A part of my job revolves around the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework which includes our Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) initiative that we use to support reading, and as a process or system, we are growing into the use of the MTSS model to support children in the social/emotional realm.  Please check out other parts of my site for more information about this very helpful way of providing great instruction and additional assistance to all children, especially those who need little extra practice! In more traditional years, I also have the pleasure of working with and learning with all our school's children, whether it be through a whole school lesson in action on eating a variety of foods via the Go for the Greens or Great Apple Crunch activities, or in specific grade levels for a lunchtime Latin Club or Geography Club; COVID Is making that a little trickier this year, in addition to  working with children who need some individualized instruction in a variety of subjects.   My philosophy about children and learning is that all children are learners; our job as parents and educators is to find and make sure that the methods and strategies we use to help them learn are workable and successful for each individual student. The SCASD has made the commitment to providing for the role of the Instructional Support Teacher, as well as investing in RtII. As Radio Park's IST, I look forward to working with the dedicated and wonderful Radio Park staff as we, together with parents and other community members, ensure that we are doing our best to meet the school district's mission statement: "To Prepare Students for Lifelong Success through Excellence in Education."

    I am always available for questions, and conversation! Contact me at 814-272-5956 or klf18@scasd.org if I can be of any assistance to you and your family!




Last Modified on October 11, 2020