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    Whether you are learning in-person, remotely, or as a part of the virtual academy, we are here to support you this year.

    Students visit the counseling office for a lot of different reasons.  We can help you work through conflicts, plan for high school (and beyond), make decisions, get organized, communicate with teachers and family, figure out your schedule, and more.  We are also here if you just want to say hello and get a friendly smile.  We will come to your classes sometimes too, to present lessons, facilitate conversations, and get to know you better.  We also offer lots of small group opportunities.

    If you want to meet with your counselor, please email our counseling secretary, Jennifer Kauffman at jak35@scasd.org or use our "Meet With my Counselor" request form.  Also, please feel free to reach out to your counselor directly (our contact information is below). We want to get to know all of our students, so we will reach out to you too!  Everyone is welcome in the counseling office and we work hard to create a space that feels open and safe.  Please reach out to us with your thoughts, concerns, and questions. 

    Counseling Department Contact Information
    Phone #: 814-272-5944
    FAX #: 814-272-4055
     Ms. Brown
    Ms. Linda Brown
    Counselor for 6th grade (2020-2021)


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     Ms. Alison Turley

    Counselor for 7th grade (2020-2021) 



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     Ms. Turley
    Mr. Romig
    Mr. Doug Romig
     Counselor for 8th grade (2020-2021)


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    Counseling Support Staff
    Mrs. Jennifer Kauffman
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