From Idea to Invention - Technology Education!
    MNMS Technology Education is S.T.E.M. STRONG!
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    What does Technology Education Provide?
    It is not just computers.

    Our philosophy -  
    Integrated Learning
    Technology Education supports a variety of subject areas including; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts, Social Studies, History,and much more.Students pull knowledge and skills learned in their other disciplines and put them in action, solving the problems of today.
    Hands-on / Minds-on Participation
    Technology education promotes enthusiasm for further exploration through active hands-on / minds-on practice. This approach encourages better retention and an understanding of technological applications. Students do not just read about the processes and practices, they actually get a chance to participate.
    Basic Skills- Creativity, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
    Technology Education provides for the development and application of three basic skills: creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. Appropriate activities help students build these life-long skills. Students are encouraged to explore and create at their own pace, to work together in a cooperative environment, and to assess their work in a comfortable atmosphere.

     Changing lives since the beginning of time!
     Tech Ed Course videos
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