•  Me llamo Señora Corman.

    (My name is Mrs. Corman.)

    Soy maestra de español.

    (I am a Spanish teacher.)

    Spanish sign  

    ¡Hola! y Bienvenido a mi sitio. 

    (Hello!, and welcome to my website.)


    Mi correo electrónico es kjc14@scasd.org.

    If you have questions or concerns, 

    please contact me either through email or through voicemail at 814-272-8758. 


    “ A language is more than sound and syntax; it is a culture, a way of thinking, and a perspective on the world.  Each language is a precious resource that must be studied, used, and preserved precisely because a language opens the mind to new possibilities.  The study of language is the study of life, literature, history, and thought.  It is nothing less than the study of our world and ourselves.” 
    --Secretary Paige
Last Modified on August 4, 2019