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     6th Grade Art at MNMS




    A nice Big Congrats goes to Manahil Sabeeh for having her work honored and displayed at our March School Board meeting.

    MS PRINT 2019


    Congrats to Genavieve Clayton, Emma Seprish, Thomas Spanos, Ava Krebs, and Abby Ridenour for their artwork being exhibited in the PA Department of Education headquarters in Harrisburg.  Their art will be on display until April 4th and is part of the statewide Youth Art Month Celebration.

    We are so proud of them!


    Genavieve is a Middle Level Winner for her Dolphin weaving!


     DAY 2/5 PRINTS 

     JW PRINT 2019                  HALLWAY  PRINTS 2019                 AG PRINT 2019  . 


    Marking period 3

    Grades are in for this third marking period.  Depending upon which day you have art, you may have different projects.  All 6th graders will have an art site you can look at art.  All students will have a grade for a #4 drawing prompt and possibly some extra credit work.   There is also a final project for the marking period based on which day you have art:

    Day 1/4: Students worked with weaving fibers and metal repousse (Greek weaving and Recycle Repousse).  They tried to show which Greek god was their favorite through the use of color and texture in a woven piece much like their predecessors thousands of years ago.  They also looked at ancient Greek coins and how money is made today.

    Day 2/5: Students learned about Printmaking and techniques (Ghost, Overlap, Tiling and Off-Register)  They discussed the prints and mural work of Shepard Fairey.

    Day 3/6: Students delved into the world of figure drawing (ask them about the capital Letter "I" and shoulder/hip line) and Cartooning.  They looked at several cartoonists' techniques and motives for creating messages and stories in the Comic world.  

    Please see the info below:

    Things every parent should know for 6th grade art: 

    6th graders have joined my google classroom to get assignments and notices from me.  If you want to know what work is due or is coming up, ask them to go to their art google classroom. 

    For pictures, you can check this website, although it is not as updated as google classroom. 

    Every 6th grader also has an online portfolio that they are responsible for curating.  Ask them to show it to you.

    Everyone should check their email for a message from me near the end of the marking period, I will email students (and cc parents/guardians) if there are projects that are not being turned in.  Do a search for Nelson or jmn11.

    My email is: jmn11@scasd.org

    Please contact me if your child is not letting you get enough info :)



    2018 s face  .  2018 sface2  . 2018sface3

    Day 2/5 stitched faces


    Marking period 2

    Grades are in for this second marking period.  Depending upon which day you have art, you may have different projects.  All 6th graders will have an art site you can look at and lessons on Balance in art that will be graded.  All students will have a grade for a balanced design drawing, a #4 drawing prompt and extra credit work. There is also a final project for the marking period based on which day you have art:

    Day 1/4: students worked with Balance in art and created an imaginary microscopic creature using pencil and watercolor.  They looked at the cellular art of David Goodsell.

    Day 2/5: students learned about Balance in art, using their faces to show symmetrical balance, they also tried to draw using Sashiko stitching.  They discussed the portrait work of Eran Erey.

    Day 3/6: students delved into the world of weather and weaving, creating some beautiful fiber art.  They looked at Linda Giesen's tapestries. They may have briefly been introduced to Albrecht Durer and his ability to create shading



    2018 weather pas1  . 2018weather weav1  .   weathr w/p2   2018weather w/p3      DAY 3/6 Weather Weavings!


    Marking period 1:

    We have been asking ourselves, What is our Style in art?  What kind of art speaks to you?  Who do you know who makes art?  Where do you find art in games/books/movies?

    We have done several lessons on MOVEMENT in art, even ending up at Greenwood Furnace to create some art like Andrew Goldsworthy's environmental pieces.

    6th graders are negotiating the creating and curating of their online art site.  Ask them to show it to you.


    2018 word 2   bluetmgwf     2018 word 1   






    repousse  .             stitch rowan



     6th Grade Art at MNMS

    Here is a little sample of our artwork:

      Board room exhibit !
     board room
    Harrison's Hawaii

    drawing and weaving!
    Alice's Sky  Alice's Sky Weave

    printing in the artroom :)


    other pictures of art being done:

     Drawing, computer sand art and magazine-radial balance...

    artist drawing!   thisissand   radial design with magazine   
    wiretree     marisa clay
         Wire Art  (what movement!)       Coiled Pottery (those are all scraped together!)
     It's 11 more months until March, Youth Art Month, go hug an artist!
    Hang some of their fabulous art in your home or office! Contact me for details!

    Check out these interesting art sites:

    Smithsonian American Art,

    The National Gallery of Art, Check out the 3-d twirler and collage machine!



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