• Hello Orange Team Families;


    Life in the 8th grade hallway is moving as quickly as the 8th graders are growing!

    We have just finished our unit on the Civil Rights and are headed toward our Unit in Law.

    The plan is for guest speakers from the Assistant District Attorney's office, and Mock Trials.

    Students can be lawyers, jurors, defendents, plaintiffs and witnesses. Each class will have 3 trials

    each trial will have the number of students necessary to conduct the trials. We thank Mr. Ishler,

    Ms. McDonahue, Mrs. Barger, Ms. Conrad, Mrs. Cummins for acting as our Judges.

    Ms. Kirkman and I are looking forward to this unit. Trials will take place in the April.

    We will have a better idea once the quartine of school is lifted by the Governor.

    Stay safe and healthy,

    Mrs. Howley & Ms. Kirkman


Last Modified on March 15, 2020