To sign up for PFM-TV on-air staff, Please click the link on the left sidebar "PFM-TV Interest Form"
    You should be comfortable sight-reading a script new to you each morning, and being on-air in front of the whole school. If that doesn't appeal to you, consider tech crew (behind the scenes) 
    note that sign ups for behind-the-scenes tech crew will come soon, or see or email Mr. Beers.
    What is the PFMS Communications Club?
    The Communications / TV Production Club, under the direction of Mr. Tranell (TV Director and DJ) and Mr. Beers (TV production) performs the following functions at PFMS:
    • Production and delivery of the morning announcements TV program (PFM-TV)
    • NEW- Note: If you missed today's broadcast or just need to see something again to see if you heard it right, use the "PFM-TV Daily Script" to the left to see the most recent PFMS news that aired!
    • DJ 6th grade fun days, 7th and 8th grade fun nights, and other school parties
    • Announcing at other school events


    Email Mr. Tranell to suggest a quote for "Wise Words." Be sure to include your source! 

    Students who would like to join the communications club:
    Questions- please see Mr. Tranell in Room 215 or email him at jrt13@scasd.org.

    Special thanks to Mr. Beers, faculty supervisor of the PFM-TV broadcasts, and  Mr. Hartman, technolgy specialist

Last Modified on November 10, 2023