• What is the PFMS Communications Club?

    The Communications / TV Production Club, under the direction of Mr. Tranell , performs the following functions at PFMS:
    • Production and delivery of the morning announcements TV program (PFM-TV)
    • NEW- Note: If you missed today's broadcast or just need to see something again to see if you heard it right, use the "PFM-TV Daily Script" to the left to see the most recent PFMS news that aired!
    • DJ 6th grade fun days, 7th and 8th grade fun nights, and other school parties
    • Announcing at other school events


    To sign up for PFM-TV Staff, Please attend the informational meeting as announced, and click on the agenda link to the left, where you will then follow the link to sign up. 

    Email Mr. Tranell to suggest a quote for "Wise Words." Be sure to include your source! 

    Students who would like to join the communications club:
    Questions- please see Mr. Tranell in Room 215 or email him at jrt13@scasd.org.

    Special thanks to Mrs. Garritano, faculty supervisor of the PFM-TV broadcasts, and Mr. Cunningham, technical advisor!

Last Modified on September 17, 2019