• On Nov. 27, 2017, the State College Area School District Board of Directors approved the 2018-2023 Educational Strategic Plan.

    Periodically, each school district in the state must develop a plan to prioritize goals, focusing on improving student learning in accordance with its community’s experiences and desires. For the next five years, the strategic plan will serve as an integral guide for supporting our school district’s ongoing efforts to improve how we serve our students and families.

    Starting in November of 2016, a 72-member committee that included students, parents, alumni, teachers, administrators, business/higher education partners, community representatives, district-level leaders, and our board members met several times to create a plan centered on the following goals:

    1. Engagement and Support for the Whole Student
    2. Continuous Growth for Every Student
    3. Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Problem Solving
    4. Closing Individual Achievement and Opportunity Gaps
    5. Successful Transitions and Readiness for a Purposeful Life

    As the district follows the plan in the coming years, the district administration will communicate updates about current initiatives, as well as upcoming priorities, with the school board. The administration also will gather information to help it monitor its progress toward meeting goals, and it will annually review and prioritize aspects of the plan, including refinements to the strategies included within the proposal.

    In a letter to district parents prior to the school board's approval, Superintendent Bob O'Donnell said: "So you know, I do not expect us to be able to accomplish every aspect of what has been drafted into the plan. However, should we accomplish a majority of the goals and strategies herein, we will achieve our overarching desire to improve how we serve our students in a manner that aligns well with our district’s mission: To prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education."

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  • Strategic Plan District Steering Committee Members

    Business and Community Members

    • John Arrington
    • Mike Curley
    • Mike Wolff
    • Tom Fountaine
    • Vern Squier
    • Sharon Herlocher 
    • Cathi Alloway
    • Anita Ditz
    • Linda Colangelo
    • Spyros Degleris
    • Jonathan Keim
    • Thomas Minichiello

    Penn State University

    • Chita Das  
    • Gus Colangelo
    • David Monk
    • Greg Kelly  
    • MJ Kitt,
    • Ed Fuller
    • Carlos Wiley


    • Rebecca Lundin
    • Hilary Appelman
    • Anne Kerber  
    • Rich Lally
    • Tara Wycoff      
    • Julia Muhfouz
    • Marie LeMay


    • Paije Davis
    • Dotty Delafield
    • Bill Harrington
    • Tod McPherson
    • Paul Leskowicz
    • Chris Merritt
    • Steve Kurzinger
    • Rick Polka
    • David Rockower
    • Eugene Ruocchio
    • Jackie Saylor
    • Kris Hall
    • Gail Romig
    • Nicole Titus


    • Robert O’Donnell
    • Jason Perrin
    • Vernon Bock
    • Deirdre Bauer
    • Jacquelyn Martin
    • Sharon Perry
    • Curtis Johnson
    • Jon Downs
    • Karen Wiser
    • Kris Dewitt
    • Sharon Salter
    • Jeanne Knouse
    • Susan Marshall
    • Chris Rosenblum
    • Nicole Steele
    • Kathy Pechtold

    School Board

    • Amber Concepcion
    • Jim Leous
    • David Hutchinson
    • Laurel Zydney
    • Amy Bader
    • Gretchen Brandt
    • Penni Fishbaine
    • Scott Fozard
    • Dan Duffy
    • Mary Jenn Dorman


    • Lars DeLorenzi
    • Victoria Lenze
    • Keegan Dean
    • Justin Kurtz
    • Alice Hamilton


    • Fred Zheng
Last Modified on April 3, 2018