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    Technology Education Mission Statement:

    State College Area Schools utilizes state-of-the-art technology to enrich the scholastic experience of our students by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through erudition and hands on project-based learning.  The study of Technology Education will require students to design, create, utilize, evaluate, and modify technological systems to solve problems. By solving problems in a real world manners, digitally agile students will be given the unique opportunity to apply the academic concepts of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through both abstract and concrete vehicles becoming leaders in the new digital era of manufacturing/communication. The way students learn and communicate in the 21st century will be redefined and transformed by promoting innovation and collaboration with the application of tools, materials, processes and systems. This type of approach to learning will engage and motivate students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills and develop independent studying strategies resulting in deeper learning experiences.

    What does Technology Education Provide?
    Integrated Learning
    Technology Education supports many subject areas: science, mathematics, language arts, social studies and other disciplines. It introduces an alternative form of self expression that challenges each individual to create and produce interdisciplinary projects.
    Hands-on Participation
    Technology education promotes enthusiasm for further exploration through active participation on computers and other tools. This approach encourages better retention and understanding of technological applications.
    Basic Skills
    Technology Education provides for the development and application of three basic skills: creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. Appropriate activities help students build these life-long skills. Students are encouraged to explore and create at their own pace, to work together in a cooperative environment, and to assess their work in a comfortable atmosphere.

    Technology Education is at the forefront of STEM Education: (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
    Technology Education is the catalyst that permits science and mathematics principles to be applied in real world situations.

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    Students need to use a School email to register!



    Aspire to Inspire

    Join the Autodesk online community and get access to free Autodesk 3D design software and innovative teaching resources to advance STEM education in the classroom.
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