• Mr. Brightbill's 7th and 8th Grade Science Class
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    "There is no learning without having to pose a question."


    Both grades this year will be using the claims-evidence-reasoning framework closely mirrored in their English and social studies classes in the claims-data-warrant frame for persuasive writing. The goal is to guide the students in developing the ability to justify their conclusions using strong evidence and great explanations.
    7th grade science overview

    This year in 7th grade science you will be studying various topics through the life and Earth sciences. The beginning of the year focuses on the skills needed for scientific investigation, including the scientific method and measurement. From there, we will study the life sciences, beginning with microscopes and cells, genetics and heredity, classification, and the various kingdoms of life.

    Afterwards we will be transitioning into the Earth sciences. This will include studies of rocks and minerals, natural processes like weathering, erosion, and plate tectonics, and will also study different aspects of maps and mapping.

    8th grade science overview

    The 8th grade Cougars this year will focus on energy through they study of the physical sciences. This means starting with physics this year! We will progress through energy into its application in terms of forces and use that as a jumping off point for quantifying motion. From there electricity will transition us into chemistry, including the properties of matter and what it is made of- namely atoms and molecules. And this will lead to studying how those atoms and molecules interact in chemical reactions.

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