7th Grade Field Trip to Ashland and Knoebels - June 7

    Leaving PFMS at 8:45am

    Bring a jacket, your lunch, and money for supper

    We will arrive at Home Depot approximately 8:00pm



    8th Grade Field Trip to Hershey Park - June 7

    Leaving PFMS at 8:45

    Return to Lowes Parking Lot at 7:00-7:30

    Falcon Team
    Falcon Team

      Every Student, Every Day
    Falcon Team Falcon Team  

    The Falcon Team has both 7th and 8th Grade students on the team, however, 7th Graders and 8th Graders are not in the same classes.  7th Graders are taught 7th grade curriculum, 8th graders are taught 8th grade curriculum.  Both grades eat lunch with their respective grades.  Because both grades are on team, there are less sections of each grade, which helps us provide a more "family-oriented" feel.     

    Welcome to the Falcon Team!  Read this letter for information and a condensed school supply list.
    Click on a teacher's name to view his or her website.  Click on the e-mail address to send a direct e-mail to a teacher.
    Teacher Subject PhoneRoom Email
    Mr. Horton English 272-1073/Room 442
    Mr. Van Allen
    Music/Art 272-8154/Room 556,205
    Ms. Homa Social Studies 272-8498/Room 440
    Mr. Minturn  Math 272-8647/Room 432S
    Mr. Brightbill Science 272-1833/Room 305
    Ms. Billet Media Specialist  Library  kab16@scasd.org
    Ms. Packer Academic Literacy Room 137S cmp43@scasd.org











    Tips for Success:

    • Remember ROAR (Respect, Organization, Attitude, Responsibility).
    • Come to class prepared.
    • Write down your assignments and agenda in your assignment book.  
    • Ask your teachers if you need help or have questions!

Last Modified on June 5, 2019