• Building Construction

    Program Introduction

    Welcome to the Building Construction Technology Program. Our Pa. Builders Association Endorsed and Certified Program provides a tremendous opportunity for students to investigate their interests in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, and Entrepreneurship. Officially State Endorsed and Certified  in 2013 our program's core curriculum is based on the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) core curriculum is supplimented by NCCER, the International Code, and Industry Periodicals.
    Our innovative program will ensure the basic hand and power tool skills at the Introductory Level 1 Exploring Building Construction Technologies. Students work with the design, construction, and skill application of a quality yard shed. Safety as our primary focus, we forge ahead learning code issues, site preparation, heavy equipment usage, and foundation masonry/concrete, and advanced engineered systems  as we investigate in this initial class. Students learn the science and engineering of how a structural building goes together.
    In Structural and Mechanical Building level 2, the students can expect to increase their technology knowledge and skills by focusing on Structural and Mechanical Building Engineering Applications. They engage into the  state of the art of the industry with the use of high tech tools and applications by designing and framing a small cabin. Installing the electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems based on the green "NET ZERO" engineering concept students gain an appreciation of different methods of engineered applications as they test materials and their application in our Energy testing lab and out on the job site building the cabin.
    The Advanced level 3 classes will finalize  their advanced engineering skills by using all advanced tools and building in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity, the Pennsylvania Home Builders Association, and community service learning projects. As they finish the Eco-Cabin started at the previous level they employ "Green Building " techniques, LEED certification and NAHB Green Certification engineered requirements for materials and installations. They will also be involved in a student business model, attending the Penn State Business workshops, Pa. Economics Entrepreneurship Challenge Competition, and  enhancing their business and professional skills with an emphasis on construction business operations. Students will tackle the finishes and application of alternative energy with a focus on Smart Energy and green building techniques by implementing the "BPI Home Energy Audit" certification program. Our Lab has all the certified BPI testing tools to train students how to perform an energy audit to a building.
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    Developed Curriculum:
    Entire program revolves around the key integration of the interests of community businesses, NAHB, business models, and the complete construction of a home. All phases of construction are involved in the production of a home, therefore as we learn the details of every trade we apply them while we work in applying those trades in the construction of a home. Every trade interacts with the others and it is vitally important that all students understand and are comfortable with the cooperative "teamwork" of the home building process.

    21st Century Educational Model:
    Our  Building Construction Technology Program in career technology with its focus as a home building model curriculum could be the poster child for a 21st century educational model. On a daily basis, our educational environment incorporates individual skill training, teamwork and collaborative brainstorming, and technology research and understanding.
    Our program emphasizes:

     Current Advanced Tools: nail guns, power tools, excavation equipment, laser transits and more are all tools that are used in today's building market. The understanding of how to use these as well as the actual hands on use of these tools are vital.

    Direct Involvement with the local chapter of National Association of Home Builders:
    The owners of local construction companies are not only going to be the employers of our students but they are at the heartbeat of the local industry. Their knowledge and insight will give our students the edge in the job market. The students have an opportunity to spend a week at the International Builders Show to see the latest and greatest of our industry across the globe.

    Green Building:
    Energy efficiency is the current and future concern for all aspects of life and starts in the home. Our projects and education will be centered on the developing "green" building techniques and alternative energy and those new applications are constantly being added to the energy code.

    NAHB Curriculum Resource Texts:
    Our reading and trade-based academics are being led by the National Association of Home Builders trade textbooks. All aspects of our academic presentations are based on the outline and years of building trade research of "practical" applications from the industry professionals.

    6. House Construction:
    As our students learn all phases on how to build a home, they learn by hands on experience models and installing what they are learning of an actual home.

    "Attitude Is Everything"

    All levels learn with a primary goal of continued SAFETY.

    Advanced Tools:
    Circular saw, nail guns, screw guns, cut off saw, miter-box, table saw,skid loader, vibra-roller, tamper, backhoe
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