• Diversified Occupations (Y694)


    Cooperative Work Experience

    Diversified Occupations (Y692)

    Program Introduction
    The Diversified Occupations (D.O.) Program prepares students to have marketable job skills upon graduation. The program provides job training opportunities, increases skills through individual and class study, and encourages attitudes and habits that meet employment standards.

    Skill training is provided on location at local business or industry sites for students seeking employment in occupations other than those for which a career or technical program exists at State High.
    Students meet ninety minutes every other day in the classroom and have the opportunity to work with cooperating employers during the afternoon and other normal working hours through Cooperative Work Experience (CWE). In order to participate in CWE, students MUST maintain a"C" average in all of their classes. D.O. is designed for all students regardless of post-high school plans. 
    The Program is recommended for seniors in high school. The student must be at least 16 years old.


Last Modified on September 19, 2019