Program Introduction

    Engineering Technology allows for skill development and career exploration in engineering-related technical fields. Some students will later pursue four-year college degrees, while others will pursue two-year or technical school degrees. Engineering principles taught hold value to both groups. The instructional program includes: OSHA safety, CAD, electricity, electronics, mechanics, microcontrollers and robotics. Course work also emphasizes the development of communication skills, neatness, collaboration, and attention to detail. Students will acquire academic and technical skills necessary to lead and work effectively with others, and enter the workforce, technical school, or college. Finally,supervised work experience provides an increase in on-the-job knowledge and abilities.

    Cardboard Boat Challenge  
    The Chlam, one of the cardboard boats built by students and tested in the High School Natatorium.
    Rube Goldberg Challenge  
    Rube Goldberg machine design and building.
    TSA state conference
    This is an electromechanical trumpet made for a student with a muscular disability.
    CAD drawing  
    CAD design is an imporant part of the curriculum.
    TSA 2
    TSA regionals
    TSA 3
    Geoff Billy and Cody Breindel, now both graduates of Penn State and UPJ.
    IEEE Robotics
    Registering for a robotics competition.
    ARL Robot  
    TALON robot demo at the old high school building.
    Musical Instrument  
    Muscial instrument project, in this case a calimba, made for the nested AP1/AET class
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