•  Advanced Algebra 2
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    Prerequisites: Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, CP Geometry or Advanced Geometry
    The general goal of this course is to develop algebraic skills and to apply these skills in the solution of problems. The topics to be covered include operations and properties of real and complex numbers; solutions of linear and quadratic equations, inequalities and systems; linear programming; operations on polynomials and rational expressions; the binomial theorem; analysis of relations and functions; analysis of conics; logarithmic and exponential functions; sequences and series; operations with matrices, data collections, probability and statistics, measures of central tendency and problem solving.
    This is an advanced class, and will move pretty swiftly.  We will not only cover the first 11 chapters of the text, but we will also cover college level topics such as Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Linear Programming, and other concepts not generally taught in a high school course.
Last Modified on August 11, 2017