You will need the following for this school year in Advanced Algebra 2:
    • A large loose-leaf three ring binder with at least two sections (about 2'' should work for 1st semester)
    • pencils and erasers
    • loose leaf three holed paper
    • pencils
    • 4 AAA batteries for your issued calculators. The calculator you get may not have batteries.
    • A pencil pouch large enough to hold your calculator and pencils.
    • book cover to cover your book (8.5 x 11)
    • oops, I almost forgot the pencils!
    • headphones/ear plugs for watching flipped lessons during class time 
    You will be issued a TI-83 Calculator to use during the school year. However, if you choose to buy a calculator, then you need to purchase a TI-83+ (you can no longer purchase TI-83) or TI-84+. The TI-83+ is sufficient for my class. Although you may use a different graphing calculator, I will be teaching you how to use the above mentioned calculators and may not be able to help with other graphing calculators.
    We will use the graphing calculators on the 2nd day of school, so it is imperative to have your calculator (if you choose to buy one) or a fresh pack of 4 AAA batteries with you on the 2nd day of school. That way, you will be able to use your calculator and know how to use it for the assignment for that night.
    I highly recommend you buy your own calculator, but again, it is not required at this time.  If you chose to buy your own calculator, write your serial number down somewhere safe, so if for some reason you lose your calculator, we have a way of tracking it, if it were to show up.  Also, I would be more than happy to engrave your name on it, just like we do our district calculators with numbers.
Last Modified on August 11, 2017