• Information regarding the geotechnical report is contained in the following letter from the architect, which was presented at the August 28 board meeting.

    August 28, 2006

    Ed Poprik, Director of Physical Plant
    State College Area School District
    131 West Nittany Avenue
    State College, PA 16801

    Dear Mr. Poprik:

    Relative to the timing, duration and processing of the geotechnical information for the State College Area High School Project, L. Robert Kimball & Associates (Kimball) offer the following:

    The development of this complex and large scale project has included ongoing investigation of the subsurface conditions since the adoption of the one-building design solution on the North Site. Three investigations have been developed and completed to date specific to this project on the North Site.

    1. A Geological and Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation was completed by Kimball as part of the development of the 30% submission. This first investigation work occurred in August 2005 and the report was completed in October 2005. The following excerpts are from the Conclusions on page 10 of the report:
       “…sinkholes are a normal part of the State College landscape…”
       “…the potential for future development of sinkholes does not preclude construction of the proposed alterations and additions to the North High School.”

    2. A second subsurface investigation, titled “Geophysical Study,” was completed by CMT Laboratories. This activity was authorized in mid-December 2005 and the report was completed on January 31, 2006. The following excerpts are from the Conclusions on page 4 and the Recommendations on page 5 of the report:
       “…the potential for sinkholes to pose a significant problem for the project is relatively low.”
       “…we are unaware of any subsurface-related reason why the project could not proceed to the next phase.”

    3. A third subsurface investigation, titled “Geotechnical Report,” was completed by CMT Laboratories. This latest activity was authorized in mid-April 2006 and the report was completed on July 28, 2006. The following excerpt is from the Recommendations on page 15 of the report:
       “The site is considered to be suitable for the proposed construction…”

    4. In addition to the three separate subsurface investigation activities performed for the current project, the project team reviewed reports that were completed for actual building addition projects to the North Building. These include:
       A report completed in October 1987 by Schnabel Engineering Associates. The subsurface investigation was completed for the Gym/Natatorium Addition.
       A report completed in November 1997 by CMT Laboratories. The subsurface investigation was completed for the Classroom/Lab Additions.

    All of the investigations and subsequent reports completed to date and outlined above have indicated that the project site is suitable for the proposed building project, or have resulted in actual completed building projects.

    The timing of the subsurface investigations to date has been prudently coordinated with the development of the project. Based on our experience, the proper level of information was provided as the project developed. The duration of the subsurface investigations and the subsequent evaluations, scope review and cost development were performed and coordinated with the District in a diligent and deliberate manner commiserate with the complexities and scale of the project.

    In summary, while this letter is intended to address questions regarding timing, duration and processing of geotechnical information, we want to assure you and the District that the Kimball team, as well as the other consultants, have been and remain committed to the ‘task at hand’, which is to design, bid and construct a project that meets the School District’s needs within the School District’s  budget.

    L. Robert Kimball & Associates
    Architects and Engineers, Inc.
    Richard W. Witt, Jr., AIA
    Vice President, Managing Principal

    Geotechnical Report

    North High School Building Renovations/Additons
    State Collegea Area School District
    Prepared by CMT Laboratories, Inc.
    State College

    Portions of the Geotechnical Report are available for download (PDFs) below. The full report with graphics on CD is available for purchase for $10.00. Contact the Office of Physical Plant at 814-231-1026.

    CMT Report (1 MB)
    Index, Introduction, Project and Site Information, Geologic Information, Testing and Recommendations

    Cover of Microgravity Investigations Report (452 KB)

    Microgravity Report (3.9 MB)

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