• District Wide Master Plan

    On April 24, 2000, the Board of School Directors of the State College Area School District authorized the Citizens Advisory Committee for Facilities (CAC) to prepare recommendations for a District Wide Master Plan. This study was to make recommendations on the remaining phases of the already adopted Elementary School Master Plan, as well as to incorporate the needs of the Secondary Program, Athletic Program, and Support Services. The final document would then be a holistic recommendation that considered each facility, as well as how each function and facility are interconnected.

    The CAC hired the architectural firm of Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmenn Asssociates to aid them in preparing these recommendations. Working as a team, the CAC, District staff, and Burt Hill, embarked on a process designed to determine the educational needs of the District, evaluate the physical needs of the facilities, identify the needs of the community, and balance all components in a package that demonstrated fiscal responsibility.

    The Burt Hill Planning Team included architects, interior designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and site designers. They met with approximately 50 District staff, including administrators, maintenance personnel, faculty, and department heads, in interactive planning sessions in order to determine the needs.

    The Burt Hill Team performed facility evaluations for buildings that were not evaluated during the Elementary School Feasibility Study to determine each building’s ability to meet the needs of the educational specifications.

    Public MeetingTwo community dialog sessions were held. The intent of the first dialog was to gather input from the through table discussions on the subjects of the Elementary School Program, Secondary School Program, and outdoor athletic program. The intent of the second community dialog session was to review the options that had been generated and to gather input through the use of questionnaires.

    After determining the needs, assessing the existing conditions, and reviewing the community input, Burt Hill presented options to the CAC during two, full-day workshops and numerous evening meetings. These options were evaluated and narrowed down to two options that best fit the needs of the District.

    In December of 2001, after months of study and two public dialogues, the Citizens Advisory Committee for Facilities presented a recommendation for a District Wide Master Plan. Included in this recommendation was the renovation of the High School campus.

    As of February 2006, already completed are three elementary schools, Easterly Parkway, Gray's Woods, and Park Forest. The high school is the next priority. After that, the remaining elementary schools (Boalsburg-Panorama, Houserville-Lemont, Ferguson Township, Corl Street, Radio Park), as well as the Fairmount Avenue building, Memorial Field, and Nittany Avenue administrative offices need to be addressed.

    A cost update for the District Wide Master Plan was made in November 2005.

    The complete District Wide Master Plan is available for review in the Central Office, 131 W. Nittany Ave. and at the Schlow Centre Region Library.

Last Modified on May 24, 2006