• Services for ESL and International Students and Non-Students

    International Students:

    • International Programs: (222 Boucke, 865-6348, http://www.international.psu.edu/iss/)

             Offers help with the following:

      • Immigration Matters
      • Financial Issues
      • Academic and Personal Counseling (excludes help with registration)
      • Assistance with I-9 (Employment forms)
      • Will assign a 9-digit PSU ID # (not an official SSN), but can assist with getting official SSN (Social Security Number)

      • Do not directly offer support with speaking, writing or communication

    Registered Penn State Students:
    • Linguistics and Applied Language Studies (305 Sparks, 865-7365, http://lals.la.psu.edu/)

             Offers the following:

      • ESL Courses such as ESL 004, 015, 114G for any undergraduates
      • ESL Courses for Teaching Assistants (ESL 115G, 117G, and 118G)
      • ESL Courses for Graduate Students (ESL 116G, LING 497G)

    • University Learning Centers (220 Boucke, 7 Sparks, http://www.ulc.psu.edu)

              Offers the following:

      Writing assistance via the Undergraduate Writing Center (219 Boucke; drop in or call 863-3240 for an appointment with an ESL writing specialist)

      Language listening audio tapes, books and AV equipment at the Sparks Learning Center

    • The Center for Excellence in Writing (206 Boucke, 865-9243, http://www..psu.edu/cew/grad/)

             Offers the following:

      Writing assistance for graduate students via the Graduate Writing Center (111-L Kern, 865-8021, http://www.psu.edu/cew/grad/gwc/)

      Writing workshops for ESL graduate students (contact gradthesis@psu.edu, 865-5448, to enroll)

    • Student Insurance Office (320 Grange Bldg. 865-7467)

             Offers the following:

      • Assistance with applying for and receiving Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

    State College Area High School and Elementary Students:
    • State College Area School District (131 W. Nittany Ave., State College, 231-1011)

              Offers the following:

      • Free Out-of-class assistance for international or non-English Speaking Students
      • Testing and tutoring services for international or non-English Speaking Students
      • Support Services and Counseling for international or non-English Speaking Students

      Community Members:

              Offers the following:
      • Classes via the Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) (fee/tuition required)

      • Optimal IECP courses for non-English speaking degree-seeking students or their spouses

    Offers the following:
      • Conversation Partners Program which matches English and non-English speakers
      • Friendship Programs matches community families/persons with international families/persons
      • Friendship Programs for classrooms
      • International Speakers Program
      • Survival English Classes

      • Income Tax Assistance

              Offers the following:

      • S.P.E.A.K. –English tutoring and learning program for adults and children

              Offers the following:

      • Free and Confidential assistance with Speaking and Writing English

    • Park Forest Baptist Church (3030 Carnegie St., State College, 867-5147)

              Offers the following:

      • Free English classes for community members

    • Centre Furnace Mansion (1001 E. College Ave., State College, 238-1134)

              Offers the following:

      • An English-Speaking Union “English in Action” for Adult Community members

    • State College Area Community Education Center (411 S. Fraser St. 231-1062)

              Offers the following:

      • FREE beginner and Intermediate (day/evening) English courses for community members

      • Advanced English courses for a fee

    • Driver’s License and Driver Training Centers
      • Photo ID Center, Pleasant Gap, PA (359-4446)
      • Maefield Driver Training (210 Norle St. 238-2210)

    Taken From:
    Sevices ESL, International Students, & Non-Students

Last Modified on August 31, 2010