• So... you're ready to prepare your book commercial...


    1.  Goal:  To get readers ecited about a book, auhtor, series, or genre

    2.  Getting Ready:

    • Make sure you've read the entire book.
    • Choose a book or series you think your classmates will enjoy.
    • Think about what makes a book interesting
    • Think about how you will capture the interest of the other readers in your class.
    • Write down page numbers or mark pages you plan to show the class with a sticky note BEFORE you present
    • Practice your commerical before presenting it to the class

    3.  During the Commercial:

    • Show the cover of the book to the class 
    • Start with a good lead (sometimes a question gets the audience interested)
    • Tell the author, title, genre, library location, series etc...
    • Explain why you chose to share this book
    • Tell a little about the book, but don't give any spoilers
    • If possible, mention othe rbooks by the same author or other books in the same series.

    4.  TIPS:

    • Look at your classmates
    • Speak loud and clarly
    • Show your enthusiasm
    • keep it short


    5. Your review will be graded using the review rubric.

Last Modified on September 28, 2017