A. Appropriate Dress

    All students must change clothing each physical education class unless otherwise notified

    Standard attire includes:

    • tee-shirts with short sleeves, shorts (elastic waist recommended) and sneakers
    • sweat pants and sweat shirts are encouraged for cold weather wear

    No jewelry except earrings close to the ears or fabric jewelry without bead or metal decorations.

    Hair out of face with headbands, rubber bands or barrettes.

    Chewing gum, candy, and snacks are not allowed in physical education class.

    B. Grades are based on

    Dressing for physical education

    • 3 zeros for lack of proper attire results in detention
    • one letter grade drop occurs every 3 non-dressed classes in a semester
    • students not changed or not participating will complete an observation form


    Behavior, conduct, sportsmanship, and appropriate language

    Written quizzes

    Skill or technique testing

    Unit projects (if applicable)

    Grades are given twice a year...in January and June

    C. Locker Facilities

    Locker rooms are for use only during the class period; clothing and deodorant should be brought to class and removed from the locker room after class ends.

    Valuables may be locked in the physical education offices during class.

    Locks (key or combination) are recommended to secure clothing during class; each student must provide their own lock.

    Locks must be removed from the locker room at the end of each physical education class.

    No horseplay in the locker rooms.

    Muddy shoes are not to be washed in the locker room sinks.

    4-5 minutes are allotted at the beginning and end of class for changing.

    Students do not shower after class.

    Do not enter the physical education offices without permission.

    D. Conduct in the gymnasium and at the fields

    Do not enter storage areas for equipment unless directed to.

    Equipment that is out prior to supervision and roll call is not to be touched.

    All equipment, including permanent structures or mats, is to be used appropriately.

    No horseplay; safety is everyone's responsibility.

    If outside-cross at the crosswalk outside the building.

    If going to Haugh Tract-do not cross Valley Vista Drive until the instructor leads you across.

    If a bathroom stop is needed when classes are outside-use the port a-potty.

    If a bathroom stop is needed when in the gym you must notify the teacher before entering the locker room.

    Do not enter the locker room during class unless permission has been given by your instructor.

    After changing at the end of class students must wait outside the locker rooms by the ping pong tables until dismissed.

    Do not use the back doors of the locker rooms; exit only through the front doors.

    E. Injuries, illness and excuses

    Report all classroom injuries, no matter how minor, to your instructor.

    A note from a doctor or emergency room may excuse you from active participation.

    If you feel ill, plan to dress and participate but limit activity to meet your needs.

    Discuss individual concerns and parent notes with your instructor.

    F. Emergency procedures

    If a fire drill occurs while indoors; exit the gym by the ping pong tables, exit the building to the pathway leading to the pool parking lot, meet at the pool parking lot at our designated area for roll call.

    If a fire drill occurs while outside; stop activity and meet with your instructor.

    If a tornado drill occurs; enter the commons and face the supporting wall running the length of the girls' locker room.

    G. Opportunities

    Open gym is offered at 8:00 am every morning.

    IMs (intramural sports) are available after school on a seasonal basis.

    Interscholastic sports are available to 7th and 8th graders.

    8th period activity areas are offered by the physical education staff.


Last Modified on September 18, 2003