Wellness Unit:
    Review of some 7th grade health facts
    Wellness and the health triangle
    Fitness labs will involve theory and application of exercise and performance
    Analyze through strength testing, anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise, cardiovascular testing, respiratory testing, flexibility testing  

    Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs Unit (taught with lifeskills)
    Harmful effects to the body--short and long term.
    Choosing and remaining tobacco free.
    Short- and long-term effects of alcohol on the body.
    Blood alcohol concentration.
    Laws and penalties for illegal use of alcohol.
    Medicines--prescription and over-the-counter.
    Reading label on medicines--smart consumers.
    Reactions to medicines.

    First Aid and Safety Unit:
    Recognizing emergencies.
    Taking action.
    Cuts, scrapes, and bruises.
    Injury to muscles, bones, and joints.
    Sudden illness.

    Human Sexuality Unit:
    Endocrine system
    Puberty, adolescence, and heredity
    Reproductive systems
    Male reproductive system
    Female reproductive system
    Marriage and parenthood
    Human reproduction
    Stages of development
    Labor and childbirth
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    Puberty and adolescence

    LifeSkills Unit:
    Taught in conjunction with State College police officer
    Drug abuse and violence: causes and effects.
    Making decisions.
    Media influences.
    Coping with anxiety.
    Coping with anger.
    Communication skills.
    Social skills.
    Resolving conflicts.
    Resisting Peer Pressure.

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