school gardens


    "It has to be inquiry-based [education and teaching], and when you start looking at hands-on, inquiry, authentic learning, that means going outside."

    Anthony Aldinger, principal of Schaeffer Elementary School, Manheim School District

    School Profiles

    SCHOOL PROFILES: Interviews with State College schools who have a garden.

    StandardsLAWS AND STANDARDS: The use of gardens as an effective and versatile teaching tool in elementary school education as it pertains to hte academic standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.



    COMPOSTING: Ever wondered how to maximize the growth of your plants using what you already have? Composting is easy, recycles already used materials, and helps out a lot with your garden!


    ACTIVITIES: The following activities are focused on a more hands approach in the garden.By incorporating outdoor seasonal activities into the curriculum, the students can easily adapt these skills and learn to incorporate gardening and the produce from their gardens in their everyday life.It is much easier for kids to eat vegetables when they know where it comes from.The activities also help them learn the processes one must do all year-round to maintain a garden.

    Season Ext

    SEASONAL EXTENSION: Ideas and information on how to extend the growing season a little later in the fall and begin a little earlier in the spring.


    RECIPES: Recipe ideas with food from your garden!




    GRANTS & FUNDRAISERS: Grant and fundraising ideas to help raise money for your school garden!

    Salad Bowl Garden

    SALAD BOWL GARDEN: Instructions for creating a salad bowl garden.

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