State College Football   STATE
    State College Football Purpose
    To promote student achievement and help individuals become people of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good.
    State College Football Program Expectations
    The expectations of the State College football program are not just to be a State Champion caliber football team, rather they are to be a State Champion caliber football team with uncompromising character!  
    State College Football Player Expectations
    • Tend to my academic responsibilities first and earn my high school diploma.
    • Always place the team before myself.
    • Conduct myself in a manner that will uphold the image of our program and the State College Area High School.
    • Practice and play with great effort and a positive attitude … refusing to ever give up.
    • Work with my coaches to reach my potential on the field and contribute to winning a State Championship.

    State College Football Coaching Philosophy

    It is our goal as coaches to do all that we can to drive each individual player in hopes of reaching their maximum potential both on and off the field. This must be done by identifying each individual's strengths and weaknesses and by creating a motivating and engaging environment that promotes positive learning experiences and teamwork. We believe that if you holistically care for the athletes you coach, then the football will take care of itself.
    State College Football Program Philosophy
    The goal of the State College football program is to provide athletic experiences that will contribute to the personal, physical, and psychological development of all athletes who choose to participate in the sport of football. These experiences will be consistent with the educational goals of the State College Area School District and will work in concert with the academic program of the district.

    The football program will become more competitive as the levels increase from eighth grade to the freshman level, to the junior varsity level, and finally, the varsity level. At the eighth and ninth grade levels, emphasis will be placed on recruitment of athletes, and skill and technique development, as well as on team dynamics. As an athlete progresses to the junior varsity level, skill development and life lessons will continue to be taught, and the value of team success in interscholastic competition will increase in value. The junior varsity program also has an essential role in supporting the success of the varsity program by developing talent and providing game experience to individuals who may participate at both levels.

    At the varsity level, individual skill development will continue, and increased emphasis will be placed on developing the desire to attain the highest possible level of team success. Playing time will be determined by the coaching staff based on the needs of the team and the abilities of the athlete.

    State College Football Codes of Conduct


    • Citizens of Empathy and Integrity
    • Responsible (actions, academics, attitude, and effort)
    • Diversity (respect and appreciate differences)
    • Empathy (truly feel what others are feeling)
    • Language (we will not resort to using  foul language – immediate push-ups)
    • Sportsmanship to all (teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, etc.)
    • Leave it better than you found it. (bus, locker room, people, program, the world)
    • Social Media – Be Positive and Respectful



    • Person, Student, Athlete
    • Coach ALL players – Everyone brings value
    • Coach Up, Not Down (Be positive and encouraging)
    • Demand Positive Attitude and Coach Effort!



    • Understand and endorse the purpose of the program
    • Be positive and support players and coaches
    • Affirm behaviors that demonstrate good sportsmanship
    • Serve as a role model of appropriate behavior


Last Modified on May 22, 2019