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State College Area High School

High School South, 650 Westerly Parkway, 814-231-5020 High School North, 653 Westerly Parkway, 814-231-1111

  • Welcome to Learning Enrichment

    Hello!  I am Nell Herrmann, the Learning Enrichment/Gifted Support teacher at State College Area High School South.  I am a State High graduate, and have my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Conservation Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. 

    I began my career as a Wildlife and Conservation Biologist and have done research in various parts of the United States and also several other countries including Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Greenland.  Travel, adventure, and nature are important parts of my life.

    I began teaching in 2000, and have taught science in coastal Maine and also in State College at Park Forest Middle School.  My number one goal is to help
    students reach their potential in any interest area.  Please stop in and see me in room 160. 

    Visit our Learning Enrichment/Gifted Support Site to learn more about our program!

    Contact me:
    Ms. Nell Herrmann
    State College Area High School South
    Office:  814-272-8513

Last Modified on June 17, 2004