Falcon Team Supplies
    Falcon Team Supplies List
    • Two 3-ring binders (one for A-Days and one for B-Days) with dividers
    • Pencil Pouch (durable one that can be carried separately, or transferred between A-Day and B-Day binders)
    • Pack of No. 2 pencils
    • Black or Blue Pens
    • Colored Pens (3 or more)
    • Erasers (either pencil top or block)
    • Pack of fine tip dry-erase markers (Two+)
    • Highlighters- (At least three of different colors)
    • Pack of loose-leaf, 3-hole punched lined paper
    • Six durable two-pocket folders (You may want to have additional ones for off-team classes as well.)
    • Calculator (TI-84+ Graphing calculator recommended, but other scientific calculator is okay)
    • 1 Composition books (for science)
    • Three-ring binder and loose leaf paper to keep inside the classroom (English--7th Grade only)
    • 1 Spiral Bound Notebook (either graph paper or lined paper inside for Math
    • 2 boxes of tissue to give to your homebase teacher
    • For Music:
      • One 3 prong/clasp folder to hold worksheets/notes for music
      • Headphones
    • For Art 
      • Unlined sketchbook (approximately 9x12) or unlined paper that fits in your folder
      • One 2 pocket folder
      • Pack of Colored Pencils - will be able to use for all classes
Last Modified on July 27, 2020