• Your share of the financing for the State High Project is based on your home's assessed value, NOT the market value. Only input your property's assessed value in our tax estimator. The assessed value is much less than the market value of your property. The assessed value information is included on the real estate tax bill.

    Using the assessed value from your most recent property tax bill provides the best estimate of your tax impact. If you don't have a bill available, try one of these alternatives:
    • Call the assessor's office at 814-355-6721.


    1. Input the assessed value from your most recent real estate tax bill.
    2. Click "Calculate"

    High School Project Tax Estimator for 2015-16

    Total Referendum Debt: $85 million


    Estimated Annual Tax:

    Estimated Monthly Tax:

    Percentage Tax Increase:

    The above annual and monthly tax, and percentage tax increase, reflect the estimated impact of the State High Project only. This estimated tax would be included as a separate assessment on the school property tax bill and will remain in effect only until the debt is repaid.
    Note: The above calculations assume:
    (1) The State High Project will be funded from the following sources:
        a) $10 million up-front contribution from current school district reserves
        b) Referendum debt:  Sample referendum debt amounts are included above. Only a portion of the total project cost would be funded through a separate tax approved during the May 2014 referendum.
        c) The rest of the project cost will be paid for using existing tax revenue.
    (2) Bond amortization for the referendum debt assumes debt service will remain approximately level throughout the duration of the bond term. For the above calculation the bond term is assumed to be 25 years.
    (3) Interest is assumed at the 25-year historical average interest rate for AA- school districts (5.3%).
    (4) The percentage tax increase is calculated based on the 2014-15 property tax rate of 41.674 mills, or $41.674 per $1,000 of assessed value.

    * The above tool is intended to provide a gross estimate of the possible tax impact of the high school project. The actual tax impact will be based on the approved project cost, school district contribution and financing plan.
    2013 Market Value Estimated Assessed Value*
    $50,000 $14,205
    $100,000 $28,409
    $150,000  $42,614
    $175,000 $49,716
    $200,000 $63,920
    $225,000 $63,920
    $250,000 $71,023
    $300,000 $85,227
    $350,000 $99,432
    $400,000 $113,636
    $450,000 $127,841
    $500,000 $142,045
Last Modified on July 2, 2015