• MySchoolAnywhere is now Membership Toolkit

    My School Anywhere has merged with a new company Membership Toolkit. After Monday, August 12 site visitors to MySchoolAnywhere will be automatically redirected to Membership Toolkit.

    Family, student and teacher information has been imported into Membership Toolkit. Please visit the new site and create a Membership Toolkit login. The contact record in your account with a matching email address will be automatically associated with that login. You may then verify your information and set publishing preferences.

    Information transferred to Membership Toolkit is from June 2019, we will update new grades, class lists and teachers shortly. Please bear with us as we navigate this new transition.

    Visit Membership Toolkit



    Frequently asked questions:

    How will the PTO use Membership Toolkit?

    The PTO will use the email you give us as the primary method of communication between the PTO and parents. We will send out emails about events (Bookfair, Fundraisers, school events), our needs (opportunities for volunteers), and services that we are offering (Spirit Wear, Yearbook).

    Your Membership Toolkit account will be the ONLY opportunity for you to purchase items such as Spirit Wear.

    You will also be able to sign-up to help with events from your online account. 


    Will I get a million emails from the PTO if I sign up?

    No. We usually send out one or two emails a week with updates (we are busy too). Please ‘like’ us on Facebook to get more timely updates on events, deadlines, meetings, etc.


    What is the PFE PTO Directory?  

    The Park Forest Online Directory is for use by the children and families of the school, compiled by the PTO. If your child wishes to socialize with classmates outside the classroom (play dates, birthday parties), this directory is an essential source of contact information.

    As with many schools in the District, we have decided to put our directory online to save on volunteer time, costs and paper. We are using the online database website Membership Toolkit to accomplish this task. The online database gives you and us the ability to have information automatically updated each year and also allows families to change information easily.


    Does everybody need to sign up?

    Participation in this directory is strictly voluntary. Teachers and administrators are not allowed to give out students’ contact information, so this PTO directory provides the only simple way to contact your child’s friends. We hope that everyone will participate.


    Can the general public view this information?

    No. Only families who are granted access can view the online information.


    I want to volunteer this year – how will I know about opportunities?

    We need help throughout the year to make our fundraisers successful and to make our events go smoothly. Our volunteers are busy parents and caregivers with jobs and families, and we need as much help as we can get! We also understand that you may not know if you can volunteer for any particular event or fundraiser until closer to the date, so we will solicit help throughout the year when we need it. You will see a link from your Membership Toolkit account that will list all of the current events we need help with. If you see something you can help with – great! Adding your email to the Directory will help make for a successful year.


Last Modified on August 21, 2019