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    Goals for REMOTE LEARNING/ 8th grade Art  / Spring 2020

    1. Check In/stay connected as a class Join in using ‘ZOOM’ online meetings.

    Check here for WEEKLY AGENDA We are currently working on a still life drawing.

    2. Make Art a part of your day-  try and find a way to feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed.    “A relaxed mind is a creative mind”

    •  Art can provide us calm focus, relaxation, as well as playful adventure.
    • Try ideas found in my slideshows, and/ or come up with your own ideas.  Give yourself “permission” to try something new. 

    3. Set up and get organized in digital spaces

    1. Google Classroom - email me if you need the class code. Log in on Monday and Wednesday, or whenever you can.
    2. Google Sites  - Please do a search in your google drive, and find your 6th and or 7th grade Google “Art site”  We will build a web page for 8th grade Art
    3. Google Drive  - Most of you have already done this; please make a FOLDER just for Art class docs and photos.

    4.  Reflect and breathe; take care of you

    • Take time to reflect on what it means to be human as we all learn how to carry on inside our “bubbles.”
    • We all are learning how to be more aware and gentle with each other as family members as well as citizens.
    • Build a routine and take care of yourself; strive to find balance and a sense of peace and wellness.
    • Get outside! Spring is here-- what an inspiration nature can be. Taking time outside can be refreshing and energizing.

       quarantine questions

    By Brooke Anderson 

    Students, we will be using Google Classroom. 
    Please check your email regularly for updates on google classroom postings.
Last Modified on April 14, 2020