• 1. How does the 6 day cycle work?

    The six day cycle doesn't follow the day of the week.  For example, the first day of school is Day 1 (Monday).  That Friday would be Day 5, then there's Labor Day Monday, and when school resumes on that Tuesday, it will be Day 6. The next Day 1 would be that Wednesday.


    2. What happens with a 2 hour delay schedule?   

    It is a compressed schedule- all classes meet for a shorter period of time. There's no recess on delay days.

    3. What is the concept behind teams at middle level?

    There are 7 teams at PFMS.  The purpose of teaming allows for 110-125 students to have the same teachers, thus creating a smaller family environment feel for students.


    4. Why is there a mixed team?

    Our mixed team, the Falcons, is comprised of two 7th grade sections and three 8th grade sections that teach the respective grade level curriculum.  Since we do not have enough students for another 7th and another 8th grade team, our mixed team teachers teach the 7th grade curriculum and the 8th grade curriculum


    5.  Which entrance is used during the school day by parents and students?

    The main entrance near the main office in the front of the building is the official entrance between 7:30-4:00.


    6.  Which entrance is used after 4:00 by parents and students?

    The front entrance near the basketball hoops in the front of the building is used after 4:00.


    7. Which activities can kids get involved in 6th vs 7/8 (fall and spring intramurals)?

    Most intramurals are open to 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.  6th graders cannot play PIAA sports. PIAA sports start in 7th grade. 


    8.  How do we find out when health forms are due for sports and when new intramurals are being offered?

    In our Daily Bulletin on the PFMS Homepage.


    9. What is the history of team names at PFMS?

    Each team has a PA Native Animal/reptile/bird name.


    10.  Where do we park at PFMS?

    We have three parking lots at PFMS.  The front lot near the main office, the back lot in the back of the building, and the swimming pool lot.  Parents are asked to refrain from driving into the main lot from 8:15 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and 3:40 p.m. to 3:55 p.m.

    **General Parking Lots:

     Main Parking Lot
    main parking lot


     Pool Parking Lot
    upper lot  
    Upper Parking Lot
    11.  What is AREA?
    It stand for Activities, Remediation, Enrichment, Advising and occurs during our last period of the day.  Students are able to choose various activities like volleyball, chess, quiet study, walk and talk, clubs, musical groups, and one day of ROAR (our school wide Positive Behavior Support initiative).


    12.  What are assignment books?

    We provide all students an assignment book to keep track of their work free of charge.  Assignment book replacement will be $3.00.

    13 How do parents check grades?

    In HAC- instructions are online with information of how to login.

    14.  How do parents contact teachers/administration?

    You can contact them via email or phone.  Contact information is on the PFMS web site.

    15. How do parents know when key yearly events, dances, fun afternoons, etc. will occur?

    These events are announced on our Daily Bulletin on the PFMS webpage.
Last Modified on November 2, 2018