• A Strategic Planning Leadership Team was appointed by the Board of School Directors at the February 26, 2007 Board meeting. This team was composed of the various stakeholder groups in order to bring a broad array of perspectives to the planning process.

    This team had the task of reviewing and revising, as needed, our belief and vision statements, examining our progress in meeting our 2001-2007 goals, conducting an internal analysis of system strengths and areas for growth, and an external scan of factors influencing education. The team recommended goals for our 2007-2013 plan as they relate to our mission statement, "To prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education."

    Once the overall goals were developed, administrative, faculty, and staff work groups and Citizen Advisory Committees were charged with drafting action plans during May through July. The draft strategic plan came to the Board of School Directors for public review in August, with action in September to meet the required submission date of September 30, 2007.

    Strategic Planning Leadership Team

    Community Leaders
    Mr. John Coleman - President/CEO, Centre County Chamber of Business and Industry
    Dr. Edgar Farmer - Department Chair of Learning Performance Systems, College of Education, Penn State University, and President of Forum on Black Affairs
    Mr. Tom King - Chief of Police, State College Borough
    Ms. Denise McCann - Division Director of Youth Services, Youth Service Bureau
    Dr. David Monk - Dean of Education, Penn State University
    Dr. Rob Pangborn - Dean of Undergraduate Education, Penn State University
    Ms. Thelma Price - Community Leader
    Mr. James Steff - Executive Director, Centre Region Council of Governments
    Ms. Eileen Wise - Executive Director, Smart Start

    Ms. Carol Byrne - Delta Advisory Council
    Ms. Keri Lynn Kendall - Career and Technical Center Program
    Ms. Denise Kozminsky - Learning Enrichment
    Ms. Vibha Lal - President, High School PTO
    Ms. Angela Lesher - President, PTA/PTO Council, Middle School
    Dr. Tracey Sepich - Special Needs
    Ms. Kathi Wulf - President, Elementary PTO

    Ms. Amy Allison - Delta/High School
    Ms. Lisa Bevan - Elementary
    Ms. Paije Davis - Elementary
    Ms. Lori Duffy - Middle School
    Ms. Mardi Frye-Dunklebarger - Educational Specialist
    Ms. Julie Gittings - Educational Specialist
    Mr. Tod McPherson - High School
    Ms. Carol Paul - High School
    Ms. Virginia Squier - Middle School
    Ms. Laurie Wade - Coordinator
    Ms. Marion Wheland - Educational Specialist

    Mr. Scott Bailey - President, AFSCME
    Ms. Holli Jo Warner - President, SCAEA
    Ms. Patricia Weaver - President, SCESPA

    Dr. Patricia Best - Superintendent
    Mr. Cameron Bausch - Assistant to the Superintendent
    Mr. Scott DeShong - Middle School Administrator
    Ms. Deb Latta - High School Administrator
    Dr. Ken Mawritz - Supervisor of Secondary Education
    Ms. Donnan Stoicovy - Elementary School Administrator
    Mr. Dennis Younkin - Business Manager

    School Board
    Ms. Elizabeth Dutton
    Ms. Lou Ann Evans
    Mr. David Hutchinson

    Alex Donahue - President, Student Government
    Beth Maxfield - President, Senior Class Vice
    Tom Novack - President, Senior Class
    Sri Pisupati - President, Freshman Class
    Matthew Ritchey - President, Junior Class
    Antonia VanVliet - Delta Advisory Council
    George Woskob - President, Sophomore Class

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