Historical Photographs

  • 1930s Violin Class Photo

    This photo donated by May Frankenberger shows a violin class at the Fraser Street School in the early to mid-1930s. Ralph Frankenberger is the first child on the left in the second row. If you can identify the teacher or any of the other children, please email info@scasd.org.

    Football teams of 1928 and 1933

    Maroon and Gray

    State High Oak Tree

    This Oak tree, situated in front of the High School North building, would be removed to build the natatorium, which was added in 1989.

    Boalsburg School


    Memorial Field being built in 1930s

    Roy Jamison

    Roy S. Jamison became Supervising Principal in 1956 when Jo Hays resigned due to his being elected to the state senate. Jamison would serve until 1964.


    Frazier Street School Front

    The front of the Frazier Street School, circa 1950s

    Frazier Street School back

    The back of the Frazier Street School, circa 1950s

    First State College School

    Caption: State College's first school (in white circle) stood on Heister Street just down from the cluster of less-than-elegant homes on "Pickle Hill." Sauers Town, the cluster of homes at the far left, is remembered in today's Sauer Street. The large building on the campus side of College Avenue was the home of Penn State's vice president. At the right of the picture is the "witch's hat" spire of the Reformed Church.

    First School House in State College

    State College's first school house


    First Unit of High School

    Caption: Still in need of finishing touches, the first unit of the State College High School opened its doors in September 1914. Located on Frasier Street between Nittany and Fairmount, the school underwent several additions.

    High School South Building

    State College High School South building


    Jo Hays
    Supervising Principal Jo Hays served from 1927-1956

    John Laird Holmes

    Lemont Elementary Addition

    Lemont Elementary addition, 1966
    Nittany Avenue School
    Caption: In 1916, high-school students tended a garden plot now occupied by the Nittany Avenue School (now administrative offices for the school district). Many of the buildings pictured still remain. The large brick building on the left (123 W. Nittany) was the Colonial Hotel. Twin Houses, now joined, can be seen on Allen Street, and (at right) the distinctive porch of the house on 122 W. Nittany, though now enclosed, is still identifiable.
    Park Forest Elementary
    Park Forest Elementary
    Typing Class

    A typing class taught by Mr. John Hanna, held in the High School North building circa late 1950s
     State College High School football team in 1920
    1920 State College High School Football Team
     names of players pictured
    Names of 1920 State College High School football team pictured above
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