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    Track and Field
    To positively impact the lives of others,
    we will develop and support a premier athletic program
    built on a tradition of integrity and excellence,
    upholding high academic, social, and athletic standards
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    2020-2021 WINTER TRACK & FIELD

    We are UP and RUNNING!

    Check with your event coach for daily practice times and locations. 

    First Day: Announcements
    (Must be completed before the start of practice each day to participate--no excpetions!)
    (Must be signed and turned into Athletics to be able to start participating.)
    2020-2021 Winter Indoor Track & Field Season
    Information from the SCASD Athletics' Website:
    PIAA Winter Sport Physicals  - All students in grades 7-12 who wish to join a State College Area School District PIAA sports teams for the 2020/2021 school year must complete the electronic application (CIPPE) form. 
    Students who have played a fall sport will only need to fill out the re-certification form on Privit. (available on Oct. 26)
    As of 6/1/19, the new required platform for registering your child for a PIAA sport in grades 7-12 is PRIVIT.  
    Please read the Privit email linked below and follow the complete instructions from the link to the PRIVIT site.
    SCASD is merging with PRIVIT to provide an improved athletic registration and documentation experience for families and athletes.
    Save time completing athletic registration & physical forms:
    Access to your child’s information anytime and anywhere
    Enter your child’s information one time
    For more information,  Privit Email to Parents
    Physicals can be performed June 1, 2020 or later.
    To access our physical packets. Please follow this link for required athletic physical packets.
    (*All physicals must be "signed" and "dated"  by your doctor in order to have a completed physical.*)
    Winter physicals are due by Nov. 13, 2020.  
    Physicals or Recertifications Due    Nov. 13
    First Day of Practice                       Nov.  20
    Baseline concussion testing will be held on November 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 23rd, & 24th in the High School Cafeteria from 4:00-6:00pm. 
    Testing will only be for student-athletes in 7th grade and those who are new to the SCASD or playing one of the listed sports for the first time.
    Concussion testing this winter will be for the following sports:
    Pole Vault 
    Please email mjt22@scasd.org with any questions or concerns!


    2020 Spring Track & Field


    Organized Team Practice:

    Every Week Day School is in Session

    Meet at the Steps in the High School Center @ 4:00p.m.


    Winter 2019-2020 Indoor Season
    Congratulations to our PTFCA State Meet Qualifiers & Medalists: 
    Mile: Lizzie Gilpatrick 
     High Jump: Rachael Spencer 
    PTFCA 6th Place 4x800m Relay: Elly Haushalter, Marlee Kwasnica, Karsyn Kane, Grace Morningstar, Jordan Reed, & Lizzie Gilpatrick
    PTFCA 7th Place Distance Medley Relay (DMR): Marlee Kwasnica, Casie Eifrig, Elly Haushalter, Lizzie Gilpatrick, Jordan Reed, & Grace Morningstar
    2019-2020 TEAM 


    2020 Heart of a Lion
    Award Winner:
    Elly Haushalter
    2019 TEAM
    2019 District VI Meet Champions 
    Congratulations to our State Meet Qualifiers and Medalists: 
    100m: Jessica Lose
    200m: Mak Graham
    400m: Casie Eifrig
    800m: Elly Haushalter
    1600m: Kileigh Kane 4th Place Medal
    3200m: Jordan Reed
    Triple Jump: Noelia Pagano
    High Jump: Rachael Spencer 
    Pole Vault: Lyndsey Reed 4th Place Medal
    4x800m Relay: Elly Haushalter, Emma Maras, Jordan Reed, Maryanne Knappenberger & Brianna Cottingham


    2019 Senior Night 

    Kileigh Kane 5th Place Medal and Lizzie Gilpatrick -- Mile
    Noelia Pagano -- Triple Jump
    Lyndsey Reed 4th Place Medal -- Pole Vault
    4x200m Relay: Jessica Lose, Casie Eifrig, Mak Graham, Alysia Spencer, Shannon Mullin, Ellen Lee, Olivia Noel
    4x800m Relay: Elly Haushalter, Emma Maras, Emma Simon, Jordan Reed, Lizzie Gilpatrick, Molly Solo, 
    Distance Medley Relay (DMR) 6th Place Medal: Lizzie Gilpatrick, Elly Haushalter, Emma Maras, Kileigh Kane, Emma Simon, Jordan Reed
    CONGRATS to New Balance Indoor Nationals Competitors:
    Kileigh Kane 10th 4:52.87 Mile
    Lyndsey Reed 17th 3.72m (12' 2.5") Pole Vault
    Kevin Dare Results -- Heart of a Lion Award Winner: Lyndsey Reed 
    2018 District VI Meet Champions
    Congratulations to our State Meet Qualifiers and Medalists: 
    100m: Taylor Givens 
    400m: Casie Eifrig
    800m: Esther Seeland PIAA AAA GOLD
    1600m: Kileigh Kane PIAA AAA 6th Place
    3200m: Cailin Saylor
    Long Jump: Taylor Givens PIAA AAA GOLD
    Triple Jump: Taylor Givens PIAA AAA 7th Place
    High Jump: Rachael Spencer PIAA AAA 7th Place
    Pole Vault: Lily Plute PIAA AAA 7th Place and Jenna Kokoskie
    4x100m Relay: Jessica Lose, Ava Michael, Mak Graham, Myca Ingram
    4x800m Relay: Kileigh Kane, Elly Haushalter, Emma Simon, Esther Seeland, & Emma Maras PIAA AAA 3rd Place
    2108 Team  
      2018 Team 
    2018 Senior Night
    2017-2018 PTFCA Indoor Silver Place Team (2nd in the State)
    60m: Taylor Givens and Myca Ingram (7.82/7.92 12th)
    400m: Esther Seeland
    800m: Elly Haushalter and Esther Seeland (2:08.71 1st)
    Mile: Kileigh Kane
    3000m: Cailin Saylor and Kileigh Kane (10:17.15 10th)
    4x200m Relay: (Ava Michael, Jessica Lose, Mak Graham, Myca Ingram 1:46.25 7th)
    4x400m Relay: (Casie Eifrig, Rachael Spencer, Ava Michael, Esther Seeland 4:09.75 17th)
    4x800m Relay: (Elly Haushalter, Emma Simon, Emma Maras, Lizzie Gilpatrick 9:38.75 7th)
    Distance Medley Relay: (Esther Seeland, Taylor Givens, Elly Haushalter, Kileigh Kane 12:24.61 2nd)
    Long Jump: Taylor Givens (19-0 4th)
    Triple Jump: Taylor Givens (37-5 5th)
    Pole Vault: Lily Plute (11-6 13th) and Lyndsey Reed (12-6 4th)
    Congratuations 2017 District VI Championship Team
    & PIAA State Meet Qualifiers and Medalists: 
    PIAA 11th Place Finish for STATE COLLEGE GIRLS' TEAM
    100m: Taylor Givens
    300m Hurdles: Jordi Rohrbach
    400m: Zoe Wicks
    800m: Esther Seeland
    1600m: Catherine Curtin
    3200m: Emma Simon
    Long Jump: Taylor Givens PIAA AAA 7th Place
    Triple Jump: Taylor Givens
    Shot Put: Jordan Bair PIAA AAA 6th Place
    Discus: Jordan Bair PIAA AAA 8th Place
    Pole Vault: Lily Plute and Lyndsey Reed
    PIAA AAA 5th Place 4x400m Relay: Jordi Rohrbach, Taylor Givens, Zoe Wicks, Esther Seeland, Elly Haushalter
    PIAA AAA 3rd Place 4x800m Relay: Sophie Bollinger, Catherine Curtin, Elly Haushalter, Esther Seeland, Emma Simon
    Mid Penn Championship Meet Champions
    West Central Coaches' Meet Champions
    West Central Coaches' Meet Champions
    2017 Track & Field Team 
    2017 Senior Class
    2016 - 2017 Winter Track & Field
    Congratulations to our State Meet Place Winners:
    Lyndsey Reed: Pole Vault PTFCA 3rd -- 12' 0"
     Taylor Givens: Long Jump PTFCA 6th -- 18' 4.25"
    Jordan Bair: Shot Put PTFCA 7th -- 40' 7"
    4x400m Relay: Jordi Rohrbach, Ava Michael, Zoe Wicks, & Esther Seeland PTFCA 7th 3:59.39
    4x800m Relay: Catherine Curtin, Sophie Bollinger, Jordi Rohrbach, & Elly Haushalter PTFCA 8th 9:37.05
    Distance Medley Relay: Catherine Curtin, Taylor Givens, Julia Neely, & Emma Simon PTFCA 9th 12:47.95
    Alternate: Kileigh Kane

    Congratulations to those who were

    2016 District VI Meet Champions
    or met the State Meet Qualifying Standards
    to continue to compete at 
    the PIAA AAA Girls' State Championships
    2nd Place Finish for STATE COLLEGE GIRLS' TEAM
    100m: Taylor Givens 
    200m: Haley Crawford  PIAA AAA 6th Place
    100m Hurdles: Rachel Wylie and Jordan Rohrbach 
    300m Hurdles: Jordan Rohrbach and Rachel Wylie PIAA AAA 4th Place 
    800m: Natasha Fedkina
    1600m: Natasha Fedkina PIAA AAA 6th Place
    3200m: Sarah Almarzooqi
    4x100m Relay PIAA AAA 6th Place: Rachel Wylie, Zoe Wicks, Taylor Givens, Haley Crawford 
    4x400m: Jordi Rohrbach, Rachel Wylie, Zoe Wicks, Natasha Fedkina
    4x800m: Natasha Fedkina, Jordi Rohrbach, Emma Simon, Catherine Curtin
    Long Jump: Veronika Karpenko PIAA AAA 2nd Place and Taylor Givens PIAA AAA 7th Place
    Triple Jump: Veronika Karpenko PIAA AAA 2nd Place
    Pole Vault: Kinsey Thompson and Lyndsey Reed
    Shot Put: Jordan Bair 
    Discus: Jordan Bair
    Javelin: Jackie Horner  
    Winter 2015-2016 Indoor Track and Field

    Congratulations to All who Hit the State Meet Qualifying Standards this Season and Medalists!

    4th Place Finish for STATE COLLEGE GIRLS' TEAM
    60m: Haley Crawford and Taylor Givens 
    60m Hurdles: Rachel Wylie 8th Place and Jordan Rohrbach 
    200m: Haley Crawford and Taylor Givens  
    400m: Zoe Wicks
    800m: Natasha Fedkina
    Mile: Natasha Fedkina
    4x200m 5th Place: Rachel Wylie, Zoe Wicks, Taylor Givens, Haley Crawford 
    4x400m 5th Place: Jordi Rohrbach, Rachel Wylie, Zoe Wicks, Natasha Fedkina
    4x800m: Natasha Fedkina, Jordi Rohrbach, Julia Neely, Catherine Curtin
    DMR: Julia Neely, Zoe Wicks, Jordi Rohrbach, Catherine Curtin, Natasha Fedkina
    Long Jump: Taylor Givens and Veronika Karpenko 2nd Place
    Triple Jump: Veronika Karpenko 1st Place
    Pole Vault: Kinsey Thompson 
    Shot Put: Jordan Bair 
    2016 Millrose Games
    4x200m Relay 
     Relay Pic
    2015Team  Seniors
    Congratulations to our State Meet Qualifiers and Medalists:
    100m: Haley Crawford and Taylor Givens
    200m: Haley Crawford
    800m: Natasha Fedkina
    1600m: Natasha Fedkina
    3200m: Sarah Almarzooqi
    4x100m Relay: Emma Domico, Taylor Givens, Rachel Wylie, Haley Crawford
    4x400m Relay: Alyssa Valent, Rachel Wylie, Jordi Rohrbach, Zoe Wicks
    4x800m Relay: Natasha Fedkina, Julia Neely, Ellie Mhando, Larissa Burka
    Shot Put: Jordan Bair
    Pole Vault: Megan Fry (PIAA BRONZE)
    Long Jump: Veronika Karpenko (PIAA BRONZE)
    Triple Jump: Veronika Karpenko (PIAA GOLD) 
     Tavern     Jordan     Sarah     Megan
    4x8     Hurdles     4x1     
     Congratulations to our Indoor State Meet Qualifiers and Medalists:
    Nika 4x2 4x8 Megan
    Rachel Wylie: 60m Hurdles
    Natasha Fedkina: 800m
    Megan Fry: Pole Vault  PTFCA 5th Place Medal
    Veronika Karpenko: Long Jump & Triple Jump PTFCA 8th and 3rd Place Medals
    4x200m Relay: Emma Domico, Megan Fry, Taylor Givens, and Rachel Wylie 
    4x800m Relay: Larissa Burka, Natasha Fedkina, Ellie Mhando, and Julia Neely
    Congratulations to our State Meet Qualifiers and Medalists:
    Haley Crawford: 100m and 200m
    Rachel Wylie: 100m and 300m Hurdles PIAA 7th Place
     Emily Randolph: 300m Hurdles
      Natasha Fedkina: 800m
    Hannah Catalano: 1600m
    Victoria Scutti: 3200m
    Kate Nese: Pole Vault 
    Megan Fry: Pole Vault 
    Nika Karpenko: Long and Triple Jumps PIAA 3rd Place
    4x400m Relay: Natasha Fedkina, Olivia Watkins, Chandley Book, Victoria Crawford, & Kaelyn Yoder 
    PIAA 4th Place: 
    4x800m Relay: Natasha Fekina, Hannah Catalano, Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, & Larissa Burka
    Rachel 4x8  Nika
    MID PENN Season Co-Championship
    MID PENN Meet Champions 
    to our Nationally Ranked 4x800m Relay team from their performance at the New Balance Indoor Nationals held in N.Y.C.
    Earning 6th place for their (9:14.61) performance in the championship division are:
    Natasha Fedkina (2:18.00), Victoria Crawford (2:18.29), Kaelyn Yoder (2:22.80), and Emma Cousins (2:15.92)
    Also competing were Emma Cousins (15th 2:18.56) and Natasha Fedkina (39th 2:21.82) in the emerging elite 800m run.
    4x8 Indoor  
     Congratulations to our PTFCA Indoor State Meet Qualifiers and Medalists:
    60m Dash: Haley Crawford (8.05) and Niara Valentine
    60m Hurdles: Rachel Wylie (9.61)
    200m Dash: Haley Crawford (25.64 10th and National Silver Standard) and Niara Valentine
    400m Run: Victoria Crawford (59.35 9th and National Silver Standard)
    800m Run: Natasha Fedkina (2:15.47 3rd and National Silver Standard)
    and Emma Cousins (2:17.68 10th and National Silver Standard)
     Mile Run: Larissa Burka (5:17.56 17th and National Silver Standard)
     and Hannah Catalano (5:18.46 19th and National Silver Standard)
    Pole Vault: Megan Fry (10'6" 19th)
    4x200m Relay: Taylor Campbell, Haley Crawford, Niara Valentine, Monye Valentine
    (1:46.85 13th and National Silver Standard)
    4x400m Relay: Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, Natasha Fedkina, Kaelyn Yoder
    (4:05.10 10th and National Silver Standard)
    4x800m Relay: Larissa Burka, Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, Natasha Fedkina
    (9:26.32 4th and National Silver Standard)
    Winter Season 2013-2014: Indoor Track and Field Announcements:
    2013 Track & Field
    Congratulations to our PTFCA State Meet Medalists:
     PIAA 7th Place... 4x100m Relay: Lauren Bonness, Olivia Watkins, Haley Crawford, and Niara Valentine
    PIAA 7th Place... 4x800m Relay: Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, Kaelyn Yoder, Natasha Fedkina, and Hannah Grubb
    4x1 4x8
    Congratulations to our District VI Champions and State Meet Competitors:
    Lauren Bonness: 100m and 200m
    Emma Cousins and Natasha Fedkina: 800m
    Hannah Grubb: 1600m
    Sarah Almarzooqi: 3200m
    4x100m Relay: Lauren Bonness, Olivia Watkins, Haley Crawford, and Niara Valentine
    4x400m Relay: Chandley Book, Victoria Crawford, Kaelyn Yoder, Lauren Bonness, and Niara Valentine 
    4x800m Relay: Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, Kaelyn Yoder, Larissa Burka, Natasha Fedkina, and Hannah Grubb 
    Kimberly Lightner: Javelin
    Complete Results: 
    2012-2013 Indoor Track and Field
    Congratulations to our PTFCA State Meet Competitors: 
    Lauren Bonness: 60m
    Niara Valentine and Haley Crawford: 200m
    Emma Cousins: 800m
    Hannah Grubb: Mile
    4x200m Relay: 5th Place State Medal
    Lauren Bonness, Chandley Book, Haley Crawford, and Niara Valentine
    4x400m Relay:
    Lauren Bonness, Victoria Crawford, Natasha Fedkina, Haley Crawford, Lauren Bonness,
    and alternates: Chandley Book, Niara Valentine, and Emma Cousins
     4x800m Relay: 6th Place State Medal
    Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, Hannah Grubb, Kaelyn Yoder and alternate: Natasha Fedkina
    4x2 4x4 4x8
     paw print

    Please email Coach Evans with your contact information:
    Cell phone, email address, and parents' email addresses
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