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Regular meeting of the Board of School Directors - July 27, 2015

Sara Brennen
SCASD Website and Social Media Coordinator
July 28, 2015

SCASD Board of Directors Accept State High Project 90 Percent Plans

On Monday, July 27, the State College Area School District Board of Directors voted 7-1 to accept the State High Project 90 percent floor plans, with Laurel Zydney casting the dissenting vote. The approved documents represent the final building configuration and allows work on the MEP drawings (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) to be completed.
Floor plans include changes based on comments received during the 90 percent review, which included input from administrative and instructional staff, as well as board members. One revision was to the early childhood care program area design. A bathroom was removed from one section of the design, and in another, a bathroom’s walls will be built from drywall instead of cement blocks — both intended to give the district more flexibility to convert the spaces to general classrooms if necessary.
The project design team expects to present an updated cost estimate from project architect Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates to the Board on Aug. 24. At that time, project drawings will have attained a level of detail that Massaro Construction Management can use to create its final estimate of project cost, after which it will take Massaro four weeks after that date to produce the estimate.

Because this could impact project timeline, Physical Plant Director Ed Poprik presented two options to the Board. The first is that they could wait until Massaro’s cost estimate is complete until issuing detailed bid documents, which could delay the start of construction until December. The second is that they could utilize the Crabtree, Rohrbaugh, and Associates estimate in conjunction with a Massaro estimate that would contain an estimating contingency.   While the Massaro estimate would have more margin for error, the current project calendar would be still be maintained with this option.  Poprik will make a formal presentation to the Board on Aug. 10 with more specifics.

“Either scenario has pros and cons. CRA and Massaro are working on this daily, so the scenario may improve a few weeks out,” he said.

Bid alternates for the State High Project will be discussed at the Aug. 10 and Aug. 24 meetings.

Summer site work

R.C. Bowman, the contractor for the summer construction project, has requested an extension for completing work that includes building a loop access road to the back of the South Building. Because of delays due to heavy rain this season, the company is asking that the original completion date of Aug. 27 change to Sept. 17. While the contract with the district allows for weather-related schedule delays, the State High Project team is reviewing the request. Team members think an extension would have minimal or no impact on the overall project, but it could affect school operations at the start of the fall semester. Consequently, the project team is meeting to determine how best to adjust to potential delays.
The Board also unanimously approved a State High Project change order not to exceed $39,000 to cover increases in the cost of installing a telecommunications wire duct bank that runs from the District hub in the north building to the south building that needs to cross through Westerly Parkway through O’Bryan Lane. Due to conflicts with existing utilities and storm water piping, the connection needs to be lowered, increased in width and depth, and redesigned. The time to install the duct bank has also increased from two days to up to five days.

Development office

The Board approved a motion to ask the district to develop a contract for development services for a contractor to create development strategies, lead campaigns and attract philanthropy. Last week, the administration and board members involved in the search process conducted an interview with Paul Olivett.

“The interview resulted in a desire to recommend a contract for services between the district and Mr. Olivett,” said Superintendent Bob O’Donnell.

"I think we’re fortunate timing-wise to get somebody like him. He’s got a track record for working with startups and this is definitely a startup effort here," added Board Vice-President Jim Leous. 

Change orders for Panorama Village Project

As part of the routine approvals, the Board voted to approve nine change orders for the Panorama Village Renovation project, which is creating district administrative offices in the former elementary school near Boalsburg.
The change orders, the highest of which is $6,594.50, are for necessary repairs or additions, mostly stemming from discoveries made during construction. They represent a little less than 5 percent of the project’s General Trades contract and will not change the project’s scope.
For descriptions and costs of the orders, please see the administration memo for the meeting.