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State of the State High Project: September 10, 2015

Sept. 10, 2015


Chris Rosenblum

SCASD Director of Communications


Though there’s plenty of construction going on at State College Area High School these days, the main event has not yet begun.

Workers are putting the finishing touches on a summer project to build a loop road that will provide access to the back of the South Building. In the next weeks, they’ll be painting lines, seeding grass and installing fencing along the road. To view progress via our new Webcam, visit and enter username: Guest and password: guest

The road is expected to be finished by Oct. 1. Once it’s done, it will connect Westerly Plaza to the school’s new bus and visitor entrance. The parking lot will remain open until about January, when the lot will close and the overall State High Project construction will begin.

Starting in early October, the present South front entrance primarily will be used by faculty and staff. Visitors will drive to the back lot, park and use the main school entrance there.

After the South lot closes, students will park in the North Building lot across Westerly Plaza. South Building faculty and staff will park in the new rear lot, and North Building faculty and staff will use temporary lots to be added on the north campus.

Students eventually will use a sidewalk along the loop as the primary route between the North and South buildings. The route will be shielded from loop road traffic and will lead to a crosswalk with flashing beacons to warn approaching motorists.

Changes made in May to the South and North building plans pushed the original State High Project design stage behind schedule. At present, the revised calendar calls for the State College Area School Board of Directors to review final estimates on Sept. 28 and vote on approving them on Oct. 5.

Under that schedule, the bid opening dates will be Nov. 5, with the Board reviewing bids and alternates on Nov. 9. The bid award day now is planned for Nov. 16.

Project team members expect that after bid packages are awarded, contractors could begin the next construction phase on the South Building in late December or early January.

Summer sitework continues at State College Area High School in preparation for the main construction’s start later this year.

To help maintain security and order this fall and during the rest of the school year while construction progresses, State High has added four security officers from Payton & Associates in State College. They join two staff security officers — Rick Rudolph in the South Building and Jason Walker in the North Building — and School Resource Officer Terry Stec, a State College Borough police officer, in assisting and protecting students.

Until the South Building entrance is ready, Payton & Associates personnel also will escort visitors using the old front entrance to the new second floor office at the back of the school.