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Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Team Lead Checklist
1.  Set 2 Prospective dates with PTO executive Team – Usually set on a Friday in early December. You will want to tentatively set these dates prior to the start of the new school year. Time frame of event is approx. 5:30-8:30
2.    Contact Megan Woolesy at B&N. She is the Assistant Manager in Community Relations. She can reached at or 814-867-9330. This is your direct contact for everything. She will ask to meet with you. - Do this as soon as possible (no later than the end of September) to secure the date you really want. Friday nights are always better for families.  Should this contact change, ask for the Community Relations Manager.
3.    There is a B&N Community Partnership Programs and Benefits folder. This folder provides a step by step guide to planning the Book fair. Including Easterly's tax ID number and some sample contracts from past fairs. Coffee & food area of B&N is also part of fundraiser. B&N website orders are also part of fundraiser.
4.    If you know any HS students that are looking for Community service hours, this 4 hr. program is ideal for them. In the past I have used HS students as “Elves” and to help with gift wrapping, crafts, milk & cookies, and the construction and deconstruction of the Ginger Bread House which is currently stored in my Home.
5.    We also have Teachers that volunteer to read in 15 minute time slots. Contact the librarian to coordinate a sign-up sheet with times beginning at 5:45pm. Right before Thanksgiving Break.  
6.    Also contact the principal to see if he/she is available to be our “Gingerbread Man”. The children tape cut out decorations to Him.
7.    Recruit parent volunteers to help with Milk and Cookies, find at least Elves to help with crafts. I suggest 2 volunteers for each station. 
8.    Advertise the B&N Book Fair in the October and November Newsletter to get the word out early. Send “newsletter blurb” to the VP of the PTO so it can be approved and entered into the Newsletter
9.    Contact the coordinator of the Eagle News – Easterly Parkway’s News center run by the 5th grade students.
10. Generate a room parent email to be distributed in order to advertise the B&N fair – This should be done 1 month prior to event & sent to PTO president to be approved by principal for distribution.

Lucy Urie will be available to Shadow the New Team Leader for this program this year and will assist as needed.

She can be reached at (814) 574-6299 or