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Helping Hands Fair

Note: All communications to parents were sent to Mr. Maclay for approval before passing on to the PTO president who is/was responsible for seeing that communications went to the classroom parents for distribution.
1. Secure date with principal – early December (principal meets with lead teachers who select the date and the agency to receive the event’s proceeds).
2. Draft “Save the Date” blurb - give to PTO president who passes on to webmistress for inclusion in January PTO newsletter (do this before Christmas Break).
3. After Break (early January), meet with the principal and lead teachers to discuss the activities (crafts) that will be offered at the Fair and the agencies that will be represented. Consider scout requests to assist. Arts/crafts supply needs are determined by the teachers and list given to the PTO coordinators to purchase.
4. Draft flyer for classroom distribution & for posting on PTO website. PTO president channels to classroom parents webmistress posts on PTO website (2 – 2 ½ weeks before event).
5. Assess the inventory of supplies from past years (lead teachers will direct you to location).Be sure signage is in good shape (get new signage if needed); check quantities of cups, napkins for lemonade stand and bake sale (Saran Wrap/ aluminum foil, plastic baggies, small amount of plastic spoons and forks).Make list of needed items and add to craft supply list teachers gave you.
6. Shop for supplies.
7. Draft announcement to be read by 5th graders in bi-weekly TV broadcast. Check with Mary Beth Hoffman, teacher in charge of broadcast, to find out date. Check in early January so don’t miss.
8. Set up Volunteer Spot or some other sign-up program to solicit baked goods for sale. Draft bake sale recruitment message to be used with Volunteer Spot. Send to PTO president for classroom distribution one day after flyer goes out (2 – 2 ½ weeks before event).
9. Draft request for military personnel addresses (if teachers are going to have letter writing to armed forces as an activity). Teachers will ask for help communicating this request. Give to PTO president for classroom distribution. (2 weeks prior to event).
10. Draft sponsorship letter soliciting owners of businesses (parents of students attending Easterly Parkway) to make contribution to designated agency. Receive sign recognition at Fair in return. This is distributed through the classroom parents (sent 2 weeks or more before event).
11. Bake Sale reminder (generated by Volunteer Spot) to persons who agreed to bake for sale – sent 1 week before event.
12. Morning Announcement broadcasting fair– given to office secretary to be read day before and day of Fair.
13. Thank you to bakers – personal thank you emailed the day after fair.
14. Follow-up blurb highlighting stats and monies raised and recognizing sponsors of Helping Hands Fair – for PTO newsletter.