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International Family Fun Night

IFFN To Do List:

The International Family Fun Night is an event where EP families have a venue to share artifacts, costumes, dance & music, food, and games from the various cultures that make up the EP student body. The student body of EP is filled with multi-national families and this event gives us an opportunity to celebrate all of these cultures.

- Book APR for event – Done 2 months before event – date of event is usually set at beginning of the year by the PTO board – event should run 6:30-8PM
- Create IFFN Flyer – Send flyer to PTO President & Principal for review
- Give flyer to PTO web master – when approved
- Edit/Rewrite PTO Newsletter entry – needs to be in the Newsletter the same month as event: April Event = April Newsletter – need to send to Newsletter coordinator by mid-March
- Create sign-up form on VolunteerSpot
- Find performers – thru community connections, school connections, PSU connections – start as early as possible

- Check PTO supplies for prizes, cups/plates/napkins/utensils, drink-mix, print-outs for drawing and coloring - get more of anything needed. - OPTIONAL
- Create activity kids can do to win prizes - OPTIONAL
- Print Flyer and Sign-up sheet: have go home with kids 2-3 weeks prior to event.- printing done at UPS Store (Hamilton Plaza, use EP PTO account)
- Check PTO box daily to collect sign-up sheets
- Contact all participants as sign-ups come in confirming participation
- Provide information sheet to participants about event set-up etc.
- Meet with music teacher/administrator to arrange for sound-system to be set-up on night of event; learn how to use sound system
- Create a schedule for performers
- Send e-mail to re-confirm participation of performers and send schedule
- Send final confirmation to other (non-performing) participants
- Provide janitors with a diagram of table and chair set-up – needs to be given to school secretary to coordinate w/ janitors at least 2 weeks before event. The earlier the better

- Collect final sign-up sheets; send any additional e-mails to confirm
- Help janitors with set-up
- Check and trouble-shoot sound system
- Put plastic table cloths down on all tables
- Trash barrels near food table
- Set up food tables
- Set up coloring and drawing tables - OPTIONAL
- Use easel to make a welcome sign; post schedule of performers on the easel – Easel can be borrowed from Art Dept
- Help participants to set-up – Setup approx. 1- 1 ½ hours before event
- Welcome everyone
- Announce each performer
- Break down end of night
- Follow-up thank you to all performers and participants