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Fifth Grade Party

Steps to Follow:
1. Start meeting with fellow coordinators around February/ March to brainstorm the location and date/time of the party, and then setting dates for secondary meetings at least two- three more times before the event is really helpful.
  • Divide responsibilities: parent volunteer coordinator, flyer/ permission slip/ PR coordinator, gift coordinator, event location/ treasurer coordinator, food coordinator
  • For Student gifts, make sure a class photo is included and arrange a date and time with Mr. Maclay to have all 5th grades together for the photo.
2. Contact the location ASAP to make a reservation- especially with Tussey or DelGrossos
3. Make a decision on budget after you gather your information from all vendors. Once you have that, you can then determine if you need to have every student pay a little extra (when bringing students to Tussey or DelGrossos $10 we asked kids to pitch in).
4. When determining what vendors are charging, don't hesitate to ask if they will consider donating/ giving us a lower cost because we are a non- profit PTO.
5. See if parents that cannot volunteer to help the day of the event want to donate food or drink to the event. We didn't, but, it would help save on budget.
6. If you choose to go to Tussey:
  • rent the pavilion for food and general gathering of attendees.
  • Have a parent volunteer at the top of the hill where parents could pull in to bring their kids to the pavilion. It isn't super well marked.
8. Get a designated parent to take photos of the event that day. We had all sorts of parents taking pictures, but we never had a chance to aggregate all those photos and share them with all the families and students. If one person is in charge, they can create a photo gallery on Flikr or something like that to share all the photos with everyone.

1. Stepping on each others toes. Once you divide responsibilities, let that person take care of it unless they ask for help. Will keep things running smoothly. I have seen bad things happen with other groups that I have worked with previously that made things too dramatic.
2. Going too crazy on lots of food. Stick to pizza, drinks and some form of dessert. Kids will be more interested in roaming and exploring than stopping to eat.
3. If you go with Tussey, do not:
    a. Allow students to go on hikes along the path around the pond.
    b. Bother with adding zip line time to the party- it is off that hiking path and would eat into time to wander and play.