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Ice Cream Social

1. In general, since this is a sanctioned PTO event, pre-purchase approval is not needed. However, as a courtesy, it is best to ask/advise that there will be an expenditure during the last PTO meeting of the school year. It is hard to anticipate costs (as you don’t know enrollment numbers), but you can expect expenses between $150-$200.
2. Determine date and time with the school principal (date is available in early to mid-July)
3. Ask the principal for the total number of students enrolled (keep in mind, Easterly is known for having a large number of late enrollments – many that will register in August or on the first day of school)
4. Determine how many treats are needed. The general formula is:
# students X 2 = estimate (this allows 1 treat per student + 1 other attendee) X .85 (the percentage of enrolled students we anticipate to attend) = total number of treats to order (try to get as close to this number as possible)
5. Plan a variety of treats based on your total number above
a. Total # treats X .60 = ice cream sandwiches
b. Total # treats X .30 = sorbet bars (keep in mind berry allergies)
c. Total # treats X .10 = food coloring/dye free (such as Red 40, Blue, Yellow)
d. Total # treats X .10 = alternative (depending on what you purchased in b & c above)
6. Price shop to get the best deal
a. Giant (PTO gets A+ rewards if you use your shopper card)
b. Wegman’s – their store products (specifically the Sorbet bars and the Wegman’s Junior Pops DO NOT contain any artificial anything and are dye/coloring free) so this makes buying there easy
c. Weis
7. Order and pick up based on store preference. Most stores need a two-week timeframe to get enough in.
8. Make arrangements with school office staff and cafeteria staff to store in the school freezer until the Open House. Email or a phone call is sufficient. Make sure the cafeteria will be unlocked for the Open House (the principal has a key as well as the cafeteria professionals and the OPP staff).
9. Set up two large coolers (provided by you or someone you know) with a variety of treats to distribute with the help of 5th graders. Principal will coordinate getting 5th grade ambassadors. Meet w/ ambassadors before Ice Cream Social to go over “protocol”. Make sure ambassadors know there are “nondairy” ice cream choices available. One location is the hallway, near the stairs outside the office; the other outside the kitchen cafeteria entrance.
10. Left-overs go to the teacher lounge and to OPP staff at the school. Put them in the staff refrigerator with a note on the door. It is a nice welcome back treat for them.
11. Submit receipts to the PTO treasurer for payment/reimbursement.