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Read-A-Thon Timeline (compiled Jan 2015)



  • Confirm dates.
  • Submit PTO December newsletter blurb.



  • Submit PTO January newsletter article.
  • Edit handouts (instructions, pledge log, book log).
  • Confirm book fair funds for prize gift certificates.


Early January

  • Have principal and PTO president review the handouts.
  • Send web documents to webmaster (pdf copies of handouts, announcement).
  • Coordinate with principal and with designated class for student dialogues. (Get permission to do as part of announcements, find an interested teacher – e.g., your own child's class.)
  • Write student dialogues for Read-A-Thon week (ask librarian to send out reading query to teachers) and give to teacher by Friday before.
  • Copy handouts for entire school (get numbers from office). Copy at SCASD copy center: cover sheet colored, logs white ( Distribute w/ cover sheet to teacher mailboxes on Wednesday before Read-A-Thon (Jan 14, 2015).
  • Thursday before: send email announcement through room parents, including link to web documents.


Read-A-Thon week

  • If desired, help students rehearse dialogues (Monday-Monday).
  • Send email reminder through room parents: Tuesday or Wednesday (tag onto Read-In reminder).
  • Make thermometer for pledge/book gauge (for after Read-A-Thon).
  • Sunday: send email through room parents: end of Read-A-Thon reading, collection period begins.


After Read-A-Thon

  • Beginning Monday: collect pledges/logs from PTO box; compile them in spreadsheet (keep all papers and money together through collection).
  • Every day: update thermometer (outside cafeteria).
  • Wednesday: send email reminder to teachers – please turn in pledges/book logs to PTO box (we're updating thermometer daily).
  • Thursday: announcement on thermometer status (pages and pledges, class competition).
  • Thursday: send email through room parents: pledges and book logs due Monday.
  • Monday: send email reminder to teachers to turn in pledges (and/or visit classrooms to get)
  • 2nd Wednesday-Friday: announcement and email results. Thank all parents, teachers, and students.
  • Print and distribute gift and participation certificates within 1 week of pledge deadline.
    • Joanna Carlson has electronic documents
    • 2016: these were taped to a new pencil as a “flag”
  • Give money to PTO treasurer for deposit.
  • Arrange for ice cream party with winning classroom (simple: cones, several flavors, sprinkles)
  • Prepare follow-up summary for March PTO meeting.
  • Write March PTO follow-up newsletter article.