Beginning of Year Snack Letter

Dear Families,


Enclosed you will find a snack calendar for the month of September. Each month a new calendar will be sent (if your name is not on the calendar this month, it will be on next month's calendar.) We have a day in the classroom, so our brains will need a healthy boost each day! If you are not able or do not wish to be on the monthly list, that’s fine—I just ask that you notify me ahead of time so I can plan for that.


Here is a list of acceptable ideas:


Carrots w/dip

Dried fruit

Celery and peanut butter

Green pepper strips w/dip

Cheese (cubes/string)

Grape tomatoes

Bananas (only 12 are needed)

Rice cakes


Low-fat yogurt
Orange segments 
Apples (again, only ½ class set needed)


Goldfish crackers


Granola Bars

Animal Crackers


***Chips, cookies, cakes, and candy do not give us the brain boost we need, so we will have to send those home if children bring them for snack.


We have 23 students in the class, so if sending in 1/2 portions of fruit, we would need 12.  Thank you!






Mrs. K. Stroschein