Virtual School

Virtual Courses (V) can be requested by seeing your school counselor. The counselor will provide a virtual/correspondence course contract, and will require a parent signature on the course request change form.   There is a cost for these courses.  For more information about Virtual courses - including pricing, check out the Flex Course website (  Virtual courses are designated with course numbers beginning with V.
State High offers Virtual courses in:
  • Driver Safety (.20 credit)
  • Health 1 (.50 credit)
  • Health 2 (.50 credit)
  • Physical Education 9 (.50 credit)
  • Physical Education 10 (.50 credit)
  • Physical Education 11 (.40 credit)
  • Physical Education 12 (.40 credit)
Please note that Virtual courses do not count toward the 5.9 (minimum) - 8.0 (credit maximum)  that are required for registration for next school year.