Fairmount Building

Fairmount Building
Fairmount Building

411 S. Frasier Street

State College, PA 16801

Size: 88,978 sqft
Acres: 1.1
Year Built: 1914
Renovations: 1921, 1931, 1942
Functions: Hearts Program, RIT Program, Physical Plant

The Fairmount Avenue Building served as State College High School until the North Building was built in 1955. The original portion of the building was built in 1914 and can be identified by the fact that the brick is painted on this section. This part of the building is a three-story wood frame structure. 
Additions were completed to the building in 1921, 1931, and 1942. While some life-safety improvements have been made to the building, many of the original features remain. The entire building is about 89,000 sqft and houses the Hearts Program, the RIT Program, and Physical Plant operations. The following pictures show some of the existing conditions at Fairmount Avenue:

Photo tour of the Fairmount Avenue Building
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