State College High School

High School entry
State College High School (HSS)

650 Westerly Parkway · State College, PA 16801

Size: 515,000 sqft on 38 acres

Enrollment: 9-12
Year Built: 1962
Renovation: 2019

South High School was originally built in 1962. The original portion of the building was the “front” of the building. This part of the building is single story and included classrooms along with the Auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria and main office area. In 1965 an addition was constructed for the building, which was also single story, but due to grade changes on the site it operated as a second level. This addition included classrooms, the Library and the fitness center. An additional classroom room wing was constructed in 1999.  The building previously served at a Junior High, an Intermediate High, and as part of a High School campus.
In a 5 year project, which was completed in 2019, most of the building was razed.  A massive, phased project constructed what is now the High School building.  In addition to the standard High School program, the Career and Technical Center programs are also included in the building.
The building is a LEED Gold certified school.